Friday, November 29, 2013

The Knockout Game and Thankfulness

I forgot to mention what I'm thankful for this year. I won't go through it all, but one thing I'm very thankful for is the fact that curmudgeonly squarepeggers still exist.  "Squarepeggers" is, I think, a term coined by L. Neil Smith that refers to people who just won't fit into those round holes prepared for them. I'm clearly a squarepegger myself, for a number of reasons, so I really appreciate other such folks, and near the top of the list is Robert Lindsay.  No, not the British actor, but the American blogger. He's a self-proclaimed leftists, describing himself as "practically a communist," which would lead us all to expect a standard politically-correct fellow. But we would be wrong. Robert does his own thinking, and has his own opinions. I don't agree with everything he says at all, but by God if he says it he thinks it, and didn't get his opinions from TV talking heads or the establishment elite or from the MAG (Media, Academia, Government), which is where most of the sheep on the left or what is ridiculously called the right get their opinions.

A current issue is the Knockout Game, and the orthodox PC position on this issue follows this pattern:

1. It isn't happening. People are just making it up. Racist people.

2. It's happening, sort of, but it has no racial significance whatsoever. Again, only racists say is does.

3. It's just "young people" acting up, and because racism again.

4. Okay, it's happening, but it's wildly exaggerated, and it's hardly happening at all, really.

5. Well, it's happening, but it's understandable and justifiable because of hundreds or thousands or millions of years of White racism.

6. It's happening, but the victims are crybabies and have it coming anyway.

Robert doesn't buy any of this, which makes him a very honest, realistic leftist.  Here's his take on it from his blog HERE. Thanks to Quartermain for pointing this out:

Media Finally Takes Notice of Knockout Game

The Knockout Game is a game where mostly Black young people mostly attack Whites (and sometimes Hispanics) by running up to them from behind and punching them in the head and then running away. Other variations refer to it as “Polar Bear Hunting,” since it is mostly Blacks attacking mostly Whites. The Alternative Right, the White Nationalist and the White racist media has been reporting on this crime which is obviously mostly Blacks targeting mostly Whites. They have emphasized the obvious racial overtones of this crime. The response from the media has been overwhelming silence.

Now, finally, the media has decided to report on it. Why? Because the Blacks finally targeted one of the most special human beings on the face of the Earth, a group that is obviously better than any other group of humans. These attackers dared to target an Orthodox Jew! This was a group of Muslims. A Black Muslim has been arrested along with his three associates. One of his associates is a White man who looks like a Muslim from the Middle East or South Asia. An anti-Semitic slur was yelled when the man was attacked.

This appears to be a case of Muslims, both Black and White, deliberately targeting a Jew as part of the knockout game in what looks like an anti-Semitic attack. The attackers are now being charged with a hate crime.

An idiotic Orthodox Jew in the New York Legislature is making speeches that the Knockout Game is targeting people “of certain ethnicities and religions.” His crazy notion is that Jews are being singled out in this game. This is important to him because the only people who are important are Jewish people, and everyone else doesn’t matter. The truth is that vanishingly few Jews have been targeted as Jews in this game, and if they were, it was only if and when they are targeted as Whites who just happen to be Jewish.

In many of these Knockout Game attacks, I understand that anti-White slurs are yelled by these Black attackers. In not one single case, has a Black attacking a White been charged with a hate crime. It’s only a hate crime if you attack the one of the world’s most special people – a Jew! Countless White Gentiles were attacked and no one cared. It took the targeting of a Jew to make the media sit up and take notes. I wonder why that is? Why did the media only care about this when a Jew got nailed?

Because of the media blackout, no one really knows who the targeters and targets of the Knockout Game are. From what we can tell, the perpetrators of the Knockout Game are overwhelmingly young Black males. Their targets are apparently overwhelmingly Whites, though in at least one case, a Hispanic was attacked, and he died. In at least one case, a White Muslim along with other Muslims, at least one Black, used the Knockout Game to target a Jew.

A similar thing has been going on in the UK for some time now. They engage in the Knockout Game along with something called Happy Slapping. Although it is mostly Blacks happy slapping Whites, some Whites have reportedly taken part in Happy Slapping attacks. And a Black Nigerian man was arrested for two Knockout Game attacks, one against a South Asian woman and one against a Black woman.

It remains to be seen what the media will do with this racially charged game. It is amazing that the cops are just now waking up to the systematic nature of this game. Stories are reporting that police across the country are “looking for links” to the Knockout Game in attacks in their jurisdictions. But the Knockout Game has been going on all over the country for years! The cops have to wait for a Jew to get attacked before they start doing their job?

Quartermain also recommends Larry Elder's piece on the subject HERE.

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  1. How should Whites respond to "Polar Bear Hunting?"

    "Seid ihr das essen? Nein, wir sind die jaeger!"