Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Independent Greeks

In reply to my recent post on the Golden Dawn, one correspondent wrote the below. I know next to nothing about Greece, so I'm in no position to judge it,  If you look at the Wikipedia article, you'll see that the Independent Greeks say good things about immigration, but so do most American politicians while they conspire to legalize the illegals already here and invite more to come.  If anybody out there can tell us more about this, please comment.

If you want a Greek political movement that is compatible w/ libertarian principles, my recommendation is Greece's anti-EU party the Independent Greeks. The third largest party in the Greek Parliament, their function is to refuse coalitions with the center-left bank puppet lunacy that controls the ruling parties until their internal conflicts break their thin majority margin and force Greece out of the EU. In a sense, you could say this party has a nationalist element, but it skips the mysoginy, historical revisionism, Hitler apologism, and downright violent criminal behavior of the Golden Dawn. It's social aptitude by which it understands why assaulting a woman on national television is unacceptable also allows it to coalition with others - primarily anti-EU parties in other countries such as the infamous UKIP.

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