Saturday, November 16, 2013

Taking Offense is the Best Defense

It's said that the problem with immigrants to the United States these days is that, unlike in the past, they resist assimilation — but that's not entirely true. They do in fact refuse to assimilate to the American White middle class, but they're all too willing, even eager, to assimilate to our professional offended minority class. I'm guessing that it started with American Indians, sort of.  Not that it was the Indians' idea, but rather the idea of White liberals. They made it a point of pride to feel guilty about the fact that White invaders overwhelmed the Indians, and this, of course, encouraged Indians to turn to a life of whining about past injustices, real and imagined. Of course, most Indians didn't do that at all, but quietly assimilated into the White race, mostly becoming part of my own subgroup, the Rednecks.

Then came the great Civil Rights struggle, when Blacks, who had been steadily gaining ground in education, income, and general quality of life for decades, suddenly about-faced and traded self-help and self-reliance in for whining and moaning and demanding reparations and special treatment, all of which resulted in a lessening of quality of life for themselves.  Again, this was more of a While liberal idea than a Black idea.

Next came the Hispanics, many of whom decided to take the same path, which resulted in a similar stagnation of progress for Hispanics in general, but a lucrative con game for some Hispanic "leaders."

And now, just about all immigrants have learned that you can get all kinds of goodies by claiming discrimination and other ill treatment, and demanding freebies, special privileges, reparations, and apologies all over the place. I mean, when they see us bowing and scraping to Al Sharpton, the sky's the limit, right? And our EastAsian immigrants are no exception.  Over at Taki Mag, Gavin McInnes tells the latest story:

OK, Let’s NOT Kill Everyone in China

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