Saturday, November 9, 2013

Quibcag Conundrum Solved!

One thing about blogging that's fun and gratifying is the fact that I often try to express an idea as well as possible, and then a commenter comes along who can express it better.  That is the case with Anonymous, who said in reply to my post, "To Quibcag or not to Quibcag?"

I support your anime choices, Ex-Army! They are eye-catching and original, and I think incorporating the "kawai" aesthetic with "far-right" commentary may shake liberals up a bit. Progressives usually assume their right-wing opponents are unthinking, angry brutes, which is why demonstrating intelligence or sophistication, or wit and good humor, can be effective at undermining their narratives. I think you have stumbled upon an as-yet-unused tactic: cuteness! Liberals may sneer at right wing art or symbols that are macho or martial, but they are surprised and helpless against the power of moe.

Not only that, they also inspire Vulture of Critique to blog madly off in all directions.

And to celebrate this, the Mother of all Quibcags:


  1. Thank you very much for the shout-out, Mr. Ex-Army! It's the first time anything I've written has been featured on a blog before - your kind words made my day.

    Mr. Anonymous

    1. My pleasure! I DO love it when somebody finds a better way to express an idea. Keep it up!