Monday, November 11, 2013

Punishing our Defenders, Defending our Punishers....

How'd the song go? "If they ever have a war without blood and gore be sure to count me in..." Yeah. On this Veterans' Day it's helpful to remember that we're being ruled by a bunch of civilian slackers, for the most part, from our effete President, who makes Slick Willy look like  G. I. Joe, to his draft-dodging, physically-unable-to-serve but college athlete Vice President "Bite 'em" Biden, to a Congress made up of hardly any veterans at all. And they're not just ruling us, you must remember, but also ruling our military, of which they for the most part know practically nothing. They know nothing of the military, and most especially, they know nothing of the soldier. Somebody wrote once:

"We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us."

Yes. Rough men. Men who do things that seem horribly brutal because that's what one does in war, or had better do, if victory is to be had. (I'm using British writing style, aren't I? That's because a quoted British post is coming up, I suppose.)

But now we have prissy little civilians judging these men.  You've seen the same phenomenon with cops, when some teenage girl of whatever age or sex criticizes a cop because they shot to kill instead of to wound, or maybe just to shoot the gun out of the perp's hand like Roy Rogers. Note, I'm not talking about cases where it's doubted that the cop had to shoot, but cases where he clearly did, but dream-world idiots think TV is real, and cops should be kind and gentle with criminals.

This has happened a lot with our troops in one of the zillion places we have them fighting now, to make a Bush, Clinton, or Obama look like a tough guy. They are just too rough with the people trying to kill them. They should always give the enemy the benefit of the doubt. They should double-risk their own lives lest they seem unkind to Fuzzy-Wuzzy. To hell with all this. War is very nasty, and nasty things happen, because politicians decide to resort to war, and not because the troops are evil or mean. It's interesting, that the more military experience, especially combat experience, our Presidents have had, the less likely they are to get us involved in a war. Maybe because they understand that wars aren't nice and soldiers don't do nice things.  I don't know if that's the case with British PM's or not, but they have the same sort of scumbag politicians we do, blaming soldiers for the atrocities they've caused themselves.  D. J. Webb, who thinks exactly like I do on this subject, recently had this to say at the Libertarian Alliance.

[Note: Before some well-meaning person criticizes me for making a cute girl with a machine gun quibcag for this post, be advised that actual soldiers like the idea of cute girls fooling around with their weapons, and uniforms, etc., so they are not offended, but amused.]

Free the Marine!

by D.J. Webb

After reading unpleasant news today, I have to say the first thing I would do if I were in power is to release the Marine framed for a “crime” in Afghanistan and sentenced to life imprisonment today . I have clarified repeatedly that libertarianism has nothing to do with the idea there should be no nations and no borders. There need to be borders so we can defend our nation and its culture. Freedom can only be realised as part of a free society, not a ragbag of individuals, and so that society needs to be defended. There are going to be foreign opponents of the UK that our soldiers confront in battle – it is irrelevant for my purposes that the stated objective of bringing democracy, sweetness and light to Afghanistan was unachievable from the outset and had no connection to our national interests.

Furthermore, especially elsewhere in the world, where cultural and civilisational standards are so much lower than in the European world, soldiers will find themselves confronting backward peasant militias influenced by extremist religious ideas, and it is hard to feel any genuine and unforced respect for such people.

Who in the UK is genuinely heartbroken that a member of the Taliban was finished off by a British soldier? My heart just did not bleed. Funny that. We always insist on operating by different rules to our opponents. Isn’t it time the Marine and those like him were given medals, and soldiers who **failed** to finish off their opponents got the reprimands?

There are plenty of unpleasant aspects to the story. Apparently, soldiers are micromanaged in the field by surveillance balloons and radios, and required to constantly report back by wireless on the health of the people shooting at them. I’m starting to wonder if there is too much electronic equipment in warfare if soldiers can be second-guessed in this way.

In warfare, there are bound to be occasions where someone – who had it coming to him – is finished off. If we can’t stomach that reality, we should consider halting our participation in foreign wars. Soldiers are selected from among the physically brave and gung-ho members of the English population, precisely because they are the type of individual who wouldn’t lose sleep over the death of a member of the Taliban.

I fail to see how a soldier can justifiably be accused of “murdering” an opponent who has just been shooting at him. It seems civilians who do not understand what war is are driving this agenda – and have managed to effect a miscarriage of justice against this Marine.
P. S. Baloo has a bizarre Veterans' Day comic strip over HERE.

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  1. Who in the UK is genuinely heartbroken that a member of the Taliban was finished off by a British soldier?

    Three, perhaps four, of your mooslim neighbors down the street. Or your Niggerian decapitators. Or your plain old bleeding heart DWLs. The UK isn't "URs" anymore.

    If governments are imprisoning their soldiers for killing the enemy (or for peeing on them, or calling them Sand African Americans), then they are not seriously about winning the war, and they should immediately bring the boys all home.

    No man should volunteer to serve such a disloyal government, either.