Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pas d'ennemi à droite

Everybody on the left is BFF with everybody else on the left. Democrats like Fidel Castro. Al Sharpton likes Hillary. Jimmy Carter likes Michael Moore. Obama likes Rahm. And it's all reciprocated. Over here on the right, though, we fight like maniacs over trivialities.  And one of the biggest fights on the right is over whether to fight or not. Ever since Goldwater was prevailed upon to denounce the John Birch Society, conservatives have been told that they have to separate themselves from whoever the elite consider "extremists," or they'll get nowhere.  They do, and they still get nowhere. And this self-destructive behavior reaches its peak, I think, in the trope devised by the egregious Jonah Goldberg that the fascists are/were leftists. Utter nonsense. The fascists — from the Iron Guard to Hitler to Mussolini to Franco and many, many more — were not leftists, but rightists who saw, correctly, that the left had to be fought with its own weapons if it was to be defeated. The other rightisst have been taught to fight only with words, while the left is perfectly willing, nay, eager to raise hell in the streets while the right stays inside and blogs to each other.

A current manifestation of fascism that deserves our support, because there's nobody else in the area combatting the left or likely ever to be, is the Golden Dawn. The below is from Counter-Currents:

The Golden Dawn Phenomenon in Greece

The GD was founded in the early 1980s as an organization with a purely national socialistic platform. Old magazine and newspaper interviews of its leader were interspersed with photos from its offices with the walls covered with swastikas, runic symbols, and portraits of Hitler. Even in religious matters GD, according to the statements of its leader, adhered to a form of esoteric Hitlerism, apparently influenced by Miguel Serrano’s writings.
At the time of course the GD did not participate in the elections and it was mostly a small club for National Socialists. The party line was so strongly dedicated to National Socialism that the official magazine of the organization had even denounced Metaxas’s fascistic regime as a puppet of Great Britain and considered the military regime of 1967–1974 as a mere military dictatorship without any serious ideological background. Totally absent from the magazine and the publications of the organization were articles by and for Greek nationalist thinkers. In other words GD was politically alien to any form of Greek nationalism and had its roots in German National Socialism. We wouldn’t exaggerate if we argued that at the time the organization operated like a Hitler cult totally alienated from the rest of Greek society.
During the early 1990s the GD became known to the public by its violent activism against the far left, it moreover registered as a political party aspiring to participate in mainstream politics. The latter was a crucial point for the organization since this eventually transmogrified it from a Nazi club to a nationalist party. Anti-left activism was always part of GD activities but as the organization grew in numbers it sought to “control the streets” and crush the opposition of the left. Its members might have been much fewer than those of the multiple left-wing groups, but they were mostly ex-special forces personnel and martial artists, they also had iron discipline and a martial ethos. Characteristics which the far left obviously lacked. Soon the name of GD became the fear of the left and the offices of GD had multiple booties taken from street fights with leftists. Such activism continued unabated until 1997 when the deputy leader of the organization was blamed for a savage attack against a left-wing student and the system and the left-wing media found the opportunity to crack down on the organization. (Read the rest HERE.)


  1. This guy is clearly thinking of himself as part of the "right" that makes him the enemy ever bit as much as the "left" is.

    1. Wisdom comes when you realize that libertarianism is the true right, and the so-called conservatives and neocons are just controlled opposition for the left.

    2. WAAAAIT a minute; are you implying that the Holy Left/Right Axis may not describe all political thought?

      I'd call that heresy. :)

      If you haven't already, I recommend at least scanning (it's 1200 pages long) Carroll Quigley's "Tragedy and Hope". He's an insider's insider and lays out exactly how the oligarchy of elitists push the false left/right paradigm to keep people trapped in a meaningless battle.

      If you look really closely, dig deeply, (sarcasm of course)--you come to see that both "sides" push the same agenda...which is statism, authoritarianism, collectivism.

      The antithesis of individual rights, private property, and res publica--"a thing of the people".

  2. The original definition of being Conservative or Right Wing was being Pro-Monarchy.

  3. I don't buy it Rex. 20th century fascism contained anti-liberty, anti-property rights and redistributionist elements anti-ethical to Classical Liberalism, just not as much of that stuff as Communism. Fascism (IMO, we Americans have been living under a form of Fascism since at least WWII ourselves) is a more dangerous form of totalitarianism than Communism, because Fascism is more pragmatic and less inherently self-screwing than Communism.

  4. Thank you, Jared.

    Directionally, .....let's see. 'Forward', as in progressive, is already claimed by the left. And nobody wants to claim 'backward'. Likewise for 'downer'. So,

    I see libertarianism as up - as in the clouds, like a dream. Of course dreams can be good or bad but never exist as anything but thoughts.

    The funny thing is, someone always ends up in charge, no matter the philosophical system. Different colored horses is all. Why not then have the real thing.

    God Save The King!

  5. I agree that one should not follow the Neocon-Leftist line of "No Enemies to the Left, No Friends to the Right" - which is what many 'conservatives' do these days. Ever since WW2, really.
    As for Golden Dawn, I generally avoid criticising them, they may well be the best the Greek people can hope for in the current circumstances. I wouldn't want them or anything like them ruling over me or my land, though. We of the Anglo-Celtic peoples can do better than that, right? We actually had Liberty and the Rule of Law, not that long ago.