Monday, November 25, 2013

Pants of the Orient, Or Not

Actually, right here in America we have animated cartoons where the characters never wear pants. Such cartoons usually deal with ducks or other non-humans, though. But there are no such restrictions in Japan, where you can watch Strike Witches, as in the illustration, which deals with a whole squadron of teenage girl aviators (of a sort) who never ever wear pants.

But elsewhere in the Inscrutable East it doesn't stop with cartoons.  I don't dare post a picture here, because I frequently have impressionable young liberals lurking at this blog, but Vulture of Critique has no such qualms.  HERE he tells us about "No Pants Day" in Taiwan.


  1. If women showing a lot of skin is worthy of linkage, it's too bad you didn't notice the earlier versions of my wordpress blogs - I usually tried to lift as many scantily clad cosplayers from Sankaku Complex as possible.

    Somehow I got tired of that. But obviously, my barometer of what constitutes "appropriate" got shifted.

    1. That IS a pity. But it's not so much how much skin is shown as it is HOW it's shown. Or something.

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