Friday, November 1, 2013

Obama — Tricks for us, Treats for his supporters

If you hadn't noticed, the Obama Administration is doing its damnedest to destroy America.  Oh, there's nothing new about that. It's been going on at least ever since LBJ, back in 1965, decided to welcome the whole Third World to move in with his version of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  This was followed by the Reagan Amnesty, and the Carter/Clinton/Bush mortgage meltdown, and other neighborhood-wrecking legislation. But Obama is speeding it up considerably. His "No Neighborhood Left Standing" policy calls for super forced integration of every block in America — Somali refugees in every small town. And Trayvons for every street. It goes on and on. Obama simply hates the idea of safe neighborhoods in America. His goal is safety only for the gated communities of the political elite. Then, of course, everybody will beg for martial law to protect them from predators, because by that time, Obama will have confiscated all the guns from decent people and only cops and savages will have them.  Paul Kersey writes at VDare:

“Ghetto Tours”—The Real Halloween Horror

Want to really SCARE young Americans this Halloween? Show them how the ruling class wants them to live!
Two years ago, I argued on that the ultimate test for whether you live in a good neighborhood: can children Trick-Or-Treat safely?  The point: “our” federal government is now moving to use refugee resettlement and diversity quotas to break apart the safe communities that the historic American nation created.  [HUD's New 'Fair Housing' Rule Establishes Diversity Data for Every Neighborhood in U.S., by Susan Jones, CNS News, July 22, 2013]  Once these communities are destroyed, “trick or treating” will be a thing of the past.
Of course this planned destruction of prosperous, safe, and non-diverse neighborhoods means the end of the Norman-Rockwell style American Dream.  But in Obama’s America—make that Obamerica—anyone buying a house is unprotected against disastrous neighborhood decline.  
My suggestion: currently, entrepreneurs in America operating Halloween haunted houses are part of a $300 million a year industry. The obvious next step: Ghetto tours!
Indeed, adventurers are already hiking through Detroit-style decrepit dystopias in what is being called “ruin porn.” [The Psychology of Ruin Porn, By Joann Greco, The Atlantic, January 06, 2012]
Any company specializing in touring the war-zones of America would certainly enjoy a great deal of publicity.  Only a few months ago, the Establishment and its Left-wing mouthpieces staged a manufactured controversy over a “Ghetto Tracker” phone application:   
Controversy surrounding a newly released app originally called "Ghetto Tracker" prompted its name to be changed to "Good Part of Town," reported.
Still, critics call the app racist and 'classist,' saying it's a way for the rich to avoid the poor, the report said. Users rate the safety of a given part of a city or town. The app does not use data like mugging statistics or murder rates.
It's based on users' input.Critics say that's a problem because it is based solely on peoples' prejudices.In addition to the name change, the word "ghetto" has been removed from the app and the company's website.
Also, after the re-launch, the creator swapped out the pictures on the website of a white family to include more ethnically diverse families, the report said.[Ghetto Tracker' app called racist by critics, gets renamedFox News, September 5, 2013]
Indeed, ghetto tours already exist in Chicago, thanks to the entrepreneurial efforts of former South Side resident Beauty Turner ['Ghetto tour' showcases Chicago projectsby Don Babwin,USA Today, July 23, 2007]. 
And ghetto tours of Baltimore, specifically locations where the popular HBO show The Wire was filmed, also exist. [Wish You Weren't Here: A Guided Tour Of The Wire's East Baltimore, by Gadi Dechter, City Paper, May 24, 2006]
For a time, there were bus tours of the Katrina-ravaged Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, as this 99% black area was still in ruins seven years after the flood.  [Bus tours of Katrina-ravaged area irk locals, CBS News, August 4, 2012].
The MSM exploded in outrage when it found out about “urban safaris” showing tourists the more vibrant neighborhoods of the Bronx from a safe distance. [Company Halts Bronx "Ghetto Tours" Amid Residents' Outrage: Real Bronx Tours billed itself as the company that takes tourists to see South Bronx life ‘from a safe distance, by Verena Dobnik, New York CBS 4, May 23, 2013].
Finally, who can forget the abortive plan of Detroit Emergency Manager Keyvn Orr to take Detroit’s creditors on a tour of the city?  That tour would have included armed guards and a signed release form excusing the city of Detroit from injuries or death. [Orr cancels creditors' bus tour of Detroit, by Robert Snell, The Detroit News, July 9, 2013]
One young entrepreneur already has considered buying up cheap land in Detroit and turning it into a zombie theme park [Idea for Detroit zombie theme park catches some attentionby Megha Satyanarayana, Detroit Free Press, July 9, 2012].
But the truth about Detroit and other urban ruins is far more terrible—and tragic—than the living dead.  Over the first six months of 2013, Detroit had only one less murder than New York City, which has almost 12 times the population.
To show real horror, Dayton Ohio would be the perfect place to open up shop. Its 42 percent black population is devastating the economy.  The city has been reduced to luring immigrants through the insipidly-named “Welcome Day” in a desperate bid to stimulate economic activity.  
Though they may not admit it, the whites of Ohio are fleeing from Dayton’s population as frantically as any skimpily-dressed victim in a low-budget slasher flick.  Thus the white flight community of Beavercreek fought for years to keep the Dayton Regional Transit Authority from operating a bus stop in their city.  But the federal government has intervened to break Beavercreek and ensure it shares Dayton’s fate.  (Keep reading HERE.)


  1. I was thinking - instead of calling Obama's supporters "low-information voters" how about calling them "No Information Guys & Gals Eager for a Reparations Society?" The only problem is that it is so complicated to say - wish there was a way to abbreviate it...

  2. I was thinking of starting a new community organizing group to protest the removal of blacks from neighborhoods by changing property values:

    Neighborhoods Invested in Getting Gentrification Eliminated Rapidly.