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Lady of the Flies

Some years ago, Ronald Reagan said that, without women, men would still be hitting each other with clubs and wearing skins, or something to that effect. I don't know if he ever considered what women would be doing without men, but I'm sure it would also involve hitting each other and probably skinning each other. Kind of a "Lady of the Flies" situation. For you non-English majors, Lord of the Flies was about kids isolated without adult supervision reverting to savagery. And without male supervision, women might well revert to something even worse. And, considering that we now have a feminist establishment that in effect has no male supervision, it's happening before our very eyes. Feminism, Bob Wallace asserts, shows us the ugly truth about the ladies. This is from his site HERE.

Feminism Has Exposed Some Pretty Bad Things About Women

"Feminism poisons everyone." - The Counter-Feminist

I was raised before things got really nutty. Now notice I said "really nutty." Things were nutty when I was growing up, and in fact were pretty damn nutty, like seeing a friend hold a pistol to his girlfriend's head and not remember it because he was so high, or seeing people shoot heroin when I was 15, or having 13-year-old girls want to have sex with me when I was 17 (or having a 16-year-old offer to do both me and my friend), or having 16-year-olds keel over dead from sniffing paint, or finding them dead in ditches from overdoses. But with all that, things weren't collapsing, which is what is happening today.
Let's take feminism, for example. Lots of women today say they're aren't, but they still have been infected by its ideas. I personally never met a self-proclaimed one until my first semester in college, and she was unattractive, overweight, and loud. I don't think anyone was impressed by her. I sure wasn't.
But since then, those leftist feminist ideas have percolated throughout society, and the result has not been pretty to see. For one thing, they have exposed some bad things about women.
Is this the true nature of women? Oh my God!
Let's take abortion, for example. I do know there is an old saying, "Hard cases make bad law," and that clearly applies to abortion. While I would say nothing about abortion in the case of rape or incest, it got to the point I was thinking, "Seventy million abortions? It certainly appears there is something wrong here."
Yet women will rationalize these abortions as good things. I won't list the excuses they use, since you already know what they are.
Then there are single mothers, I've met women who decided to have a child without being married, often because no guy would marry them. The evidence, though, is simply overwhelming that single mothers are catastrophes in all ways. There is nothing good whatsoever about a single mother. No society has ever condoned single mothers, and when they start to condone them, it's a sign that society is going downhill, and fast.
Yet again, women will rationalize single mothers, completely ignoring the facts. I do not understand how people can ignore facts right before their noses, but they can do it.
Then there is the fact women are responsible for most child abuse. I noticed this as a kid, when I found some women were much more cruel to boys than girls. For that matter, most child murder is at the hands of women. I often wonder if that's related to the abortions.
Women with kids, without a father. That's a recipe for disaster. Think about this: the word "bastard" means a fatherless boy and a cruel, heartless man. Think there is a connection?
And divorce. Turns out women file for the majority of divorces. It's as if they want to get married but don't want to stay married. I guess the grass is greener on the other side of the fence! And who are women going to blame it on? Men, of course. Rationalization out of the wazoo, and a complete denial of responsibility.
In fact, women appear to do a lot more rationalizing than men. I don't wanna see reality! I wanna live in my fantasy world!
When women have children out of wedlock, they never can raise them without economic help. Traditionally this has come from the father, but today it often comes from the "government." However, since men created government, and civilization, and culture, and basically everything else, women are still marrying men (only now they're called "the government") and they're still 100% dependent on "patriarchy." Of course, they don't believe this, and instead... deny it and rationalize it.
What else? Work. Affirmative Action now means, "White Men Need Not Apply Because These Jobs Are Reserved for Marginally Competent Women and Incompetent Minorities." I have seen this more than once, where qualified men were shut out of high-paying jobs because they were white men. Not just more than once, but a lot.
I've also seen the creation of make-work jobs for women, always based on worthless degrees like Human Resources or Social Work.
These worthless but high-paying jobs have created quite a few conflicts. These women think, "Well, I've got a high-paying indoor job, so why doesn't he?" Then they look around for an acceptable man they want to marry, and he's not there. And, again, who do they blame it on? Men.
Of course, these men they don't want to marry..."creepy." That word was never used when I was growing up, except when it was applied to "The Addams Family," which has been around since before my father was born.
Speaking of "careers," I thought, in college, that with all this freedom, there would be an explosion of creativity from women. But there wasn't. Most of them got degrees in Education (worthless) and I saw perhaps one who got a degree in Chemistry and one in Engineering. But they overwhelming go into worthless, parasitical fields.
Mostly in college they stayed in female-dominated fields, and for various reasons have recently screwed them up. Myself, I wouldn't send my kids to a public school, since the preponderance of women in them has messed them up royally.
Now they're trying to turn little boys into girls by stuffing them with brainwhack psychiatric drugs and having them arrested for drawing a picture of a gun (which we did all the time on the backs of our school papers, including drawing some pretty graphic battle scenes.)
This stuff is nuts, but then, when women take over a profession, the pay goes down, the status goes down, the quality goes down...actually, women follow men around, whine about wanting to be in men's fields, enter them - and destroy them.
A lot of these problems appear to be due to that fact that many women are natural fascist/socialists. Since they're been given the vote....again, oh my God.
Again, I ask: is this the true nature of women? Is this is what happens when they are given freedom? They can't handle it and instead destroy everything they touch? No wonder women traditionally not been given the vote. In the past even smart women didn't want women to be given the vote. Obviously, they saw straight through the average woman.
Mythologically, women have always been portrayed as either nurturing or destroying. I see a lot of destroying today from but I don't see a lot of nurturing. This is what happens when they get away from the authority of men.
It needs no comment about the terrible history of men. What does need comment is the terrible history of women - because, overall, they are worse than men.
If this is the innate nature of women, then since men created civilization/culture, then women must be civilized by men, and must be under the authority of men. The best men, that is. That's not what is happening now.
Of course, none of these bad things can last. What, does society and the government have to collapse before we can get back of track? It does appear that is what is going to happen. That's a shame.
I believe the end game is near.

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