Thursday, November 21, 2013

JFK, LBJ, and Civil Rights

Things were different before the assassination of JFK. I was around then, but I was only 17 on that day, and didn't quite have an adult's perspective on things. The "Civil Rights" stuff that we all take for granted now was considered extreme by practically everybody in those days. We weren't exactly a conservative people, but we weren't nearly as inclined then as we are now to embrace brand new untested ideas just for the novelty of it all. Of course, in those days the country and most of its institutions were controlled by adults.  White male adults, at that.

We're taught today that there was all this Black unrest because of how rotten White people were, and the Government wisely responded with a clutch of civil rights initiatives, and it made everything all better. The cart is before the horse there. We had a bunch of civil rights initiatives that led to massive Black unrest, and we've gotten so used to it that we don't realize it's the rule now and not the exception.

Though he's younger than I, Steve Sailer has a very clear perspective on that era, and what caused what. Read What changed on 11/22/63 HERE.

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  1. Blacks were encouraged to believe that the Civil Rights Laws would instantaneously end all discrimination, magically put money in their pockets, and get them in Harvard Medical School even though they lacked any education in math or biology (this last I will allow was often the result of people with the necessary talents not being allowed to develop them.). Discovery that they had been lied to triggered riots. Quelle surprise.
    Several hundred million Americans are twigging they were lied to when Progressives passed the Affordable Care Act. Maybe we get another surprise.