Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hatin' on Hate

It's too bad that Dallas wasn't more of a city of hate. If it had been, one of the right-wing haters might have squished the dorky little communist Lee Harvey Oswald before he had to chance to shoot Kennedy. Ever think of it that way, pundits? "Hate," of course, was defined then and now as opposition to liberalism in any way, shape, or form. This included running against liberals even if you were a slightly more moderate liberal yourself, as was the case with poor old wannabe liberal Nixon.

Another manifestation of "hate" is White male heterosexuals holding political power, which means 1963 Dallas was dripping, nay, gushing with hatred. Nowadays, things are much more kumbaya there, with WMH's firmly removed from power and replaced by nice people, like Latina Lesbians. Maybe they're wise Latina lesbians, even.  If you doubt me, just read STEVE SAILER on the subject.

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  1. I have had an issue with Dallas since the eighties when Dallas based holding companies got control of banks in El Paso and got in the habit of not reinvesting those banks' money in El Paso but rather in Dallas based projects. It reached a head that a Dallas S&Lwith branches in EPT went broke. Strangely, the El Paso branches were solvent, it was the holding company's mismanagement that dragged the company down.
    I've been told that blatantly "Blue" El Paso is more progun than allegedly "Red" Dallas. Dallas deserves Dallas.