Friday, November 1, 2013

Frazetta for the Frazzled!

Whenever I see the words "Frazetta" and "Evolutionary Psychology" in the same blog post, I reach for my keyboard. This has just happened over at Vulture of Critique. You really, really should go over there and read it.


  1. Vulture of Critique fails to mention FF's composition technique if you look at the picture you will note FF's brilliant use of circle to direct the eye, the monsters forrn a circle around the protagonist, there are circles going through his arms, through the creatures, then back into our hero. It's been a while since I took any kind of art history or art criticism course, so I forget the name of the technique.

  2. Let's see if Blogspot feels like letting my comment through...

    Albert Perez makes a good point - I don't know art theory, so I'm indebted to people who can teach me about it.

    Thanks to Ex-Army/Baloo for the link. Considering that the dynamic duo have considerable awareness of violence and graphical arts, I encourage them to blog about such things. Frazetta was perhaps in a class by himself, but there's a lot of blog-worthy paintings of his that could be posted.