Thursday, November 14, 2013

Eugenic, Me Genic, We All Genic!

If you missed that last post about White supremacist Craig Cobb, do go read it first. Especially if you haven't heard about his TV event. This situation and others have led to a mild burst of liberal faux-indignation and posturing around the net. Again liberals demonstrate how profound their ignorance of science is by proclaiming that racial mixture leads to "hybrid vigor," as though it were some kind of law of nature. It isn't. What happens is that when an overly inbred population outbreeds with a worthy group, the offspring do tend to have vigor inasmuch as they shed some of the disadvantages of inbreeding. And even liberals recognize that inbreeding is a bad thing, when White hillbillies or East European peasants do it. Inbred populations among other races are groovy and cool, of course. On the other hand, some outbreeding confers no advantage and can lead to a mixture that lacks the advantages of both parents.

But I digress. I'd rather deal with people who reject evolution that with people who misunderstand it. It's simple a description of how and why organisms change over time. It has nothing to do with "improvement" or "progress," except that of course mutations that increase fitness tend to prosper over those that don't. Practically a tautology. There is no intent in evolution, no teleology, any more than a rock intends to roll down a mountain. That's just what rocks do in the presence of gravity.

Sometimes you get an admixture that improves adaptability. This seems to have been the case when the ancestors of Caucasians interbred with Neanderthals in Europe. It's likely that a lot of the adaptations that Neanderthals had developed to the cold climate spread rapidly through our ancestors' DNA. Sometimes, you get an admixture that brings in a deficiency, like a susceptibility to disease, or less strength or intelligence.  There isn't any rule that says admixture is good or bad. You have to take it case by case.

But back to Craig Cobb.  Again, if you haven't familiarized yourself with him yet, do so, and then read Colin Liddell's piece below from Alternative Right:


In the latest episode of The Trisha Show, Uncle Sam, the nation’s personification and feisty mascot expressed shock after his DNA results were revealed on live TV.

The tall wiry man, famous for his stringy beard, tufted eyebrows, and colourful star-spangled costume, has symbolized America to the world for 200 years, but he was visibly rocked when the show's presenter, Trisha Goddard, herself a recent immigrant, told him that he was not only 14% sub-Saharan African, but also had considerable amounts of Mestizo, Indian, Middle Eastern, Jewish, and Asian blood.

"You have a lot of Black, Mestizo, Indian, Middle Eastern, Jewish, and Asian in you!" the host shouted at Uncle Sam, whose real name is Samuel Wilson, as the studio audience whooped and hollered. She then proceeded to taunt Uncle Sam by twerking in front of him and telling him to "get down nigger bro."

The results showed that Uncle Sam was just over 60% White and that a lot of his White DNA was actually mutating in an attempt to be more "diverse." As he heard this information, he looked glassy-eyed and mumbled something about believing himself to be of "mainly British stock."

Even worse news was to follow. Trisha then produced further DNA results, proving that his children were even less than 50% white, while his grandchildren were only 14% White. This news sent the studio audience into raptures of self-righteous genocidal glee.

Goddard also entered into the spirit of things, revealing her own DNA live on air. This showed that while her hair was 100% Korean, the rest of her was descended from a baboon crossed with a hippo’s arse.

(Read more Colin Liddell HERE.)


  1. The trick is to keep up selective pressure so that "bad DNA" gets its carriers killed before they can reproduce. Then let the races mix, bad combos die good combos get stabalized and you get a mostly Northwestern/western European bunch with a bit of Mediterranean and some African, East Asian, and American Indian blood mixed in to create a new race called "American." Just make sure they learn from Paine and Jefferson instead of New England liberals. they don't need to be taught that treason is a recreational activity.


  3. How can you fail to enthuse about hybrid vigor when it was so effective in Cyber City Oedo 808?

    Next thing you're going to tell me that big 1980s hairdos don't stop bullets.