Friday, November 15, 2013

Another Depressing Place

One of the biggest flaws in liberalism is the assumption of equality of peoples, religions, cultures, and nations. It's all part, I think, of the basic immaturity of liberals, who, like children, interpret the whole world in terms of themselves. When they see odd behavior on the part of distant people, they either don't believe it's happening, or they think that the behavior is somehow coerced. What they don't understand is that the high standards of behavior of their own culture took centuries to develop, and they're not the default human state. The default human state is pretty grim. It includes unspeakable brutality, rape, murder, cannibalism, incest, and other quaint practices.  Civilization and moral behavior is a rarity, and should be prized where you find it. Some places don't have much of either.  Bad Eagle says that this is the case in the Philippines:

by David Yeagley 

By now the world is well aware of Typhoon Haiyan and its devastations on the Philippine Islands. It is beyond a nightmare.

Many nations are sending mega-tons of supplies to the ravaged people, nations like the United States, Israel, and this does not include the military aid sent by Britain, Australia, the U.S. and others, to control the uncontrolled “human” disasters on the islands (including those caused by Muslims there). Chaos rules now, indeed.

One wonders how a nations of over 105 million people could remain so weak, disorganized, chaotic, divided, and completely dependent for so long? It seems a permanent condition.

Ask any servicemen (particularly in the U.S. Navy) about the culture. Ask anyone who has been to the Philippines, lived there, and knows anything about the society. It is quite tribal, for starters. It also tends to be without morals, and without the most basic concepts of family discipline. The children are not “raised,” but raise themselves. They are often abandoned, as “street children.” (But the style of child care in an actual “family” is often similar to abandonment. There is little or no discipline practiced. It’s simply not in the culture.) It’s all about gangs. Hordes of child gangs, youth gangs, child trafficking sex gangs, and more recently jihadist gangs, all seek order and power. There is no real central command. Never has been. (Much of the gang activity has spread to the U.S., of course.) A godless dictator shows up now and then, like Ferdinand Marcos, or his wife, but even they have never succeeded in unifying the Philippine people, or establishing any reliable order.

Is it indeed a tragedy that any of this come to an end, by any means?
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  1. Actually, the Philippines have had problems with Jihadist gangs non stop since Magellan's time.
    Unlike the equally fractious Afghans, many filipinos work as nurses and med techs in the States, I know a Chicanita with filipino blood that is a doctor in international demand. Gives a whole new meaning to racism being unhealthy. That said, filipinos do play rough and this makes them hard for any government to keep in line.

  2. The Filipinos (the Moros specifically) forced the US to invent the Colt 1911. During WWII the fought the Japanese with zip guns, lead pipe improvised shotguns, and bolo
    knives while MacArthur languished in Australia. In 1978 Filipino "hostages" beat a bank robber to death and walked out of the bank over his body. They can handle a cosmic disaster level typhoon, guns, and a little disorder.
    Besides, Filipino women are gorgeous, Definitely better friends than enemies,