Sunday, November 10, 2013

AA on AA for AA's

That is, Auntie Analog on Affirmative Action for African Americans. Quick riddle: What's the difference between Bryant Gumble and Barack Obama?... Answer: Bryant Gumble was trained for his job and sort of knew what he was doing.

Over at the unique, Steve Sailer continues to amass evidence that Obama is not really a Black Fu Manchu, or even a Black Moriarty — He's more like a Black small-time con man, if that. He really isn't very impressive when you get to know him and, Steve points out, when he was a community organizer he didn't organize much.  He was like an honorary pallbearer who has other people do the actual pallbearing.

Well, all this is about me advising you to go read what Steve has to say, and, while you're at it, read the comments (always read the comments), where you'll find this gem from Auntie Analog that I made into a quibcag, so pass this URL and the quibcag around, please.

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