Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Communique from the Bunny Inspectorate

You have, I hope, been following Jerry Pournelle's Saga of the Bunny Inspectors. I've tried to keep you on top of the story, HERE and HERE and HERE. Well, he has now received a reply from an actual Bunny Inspector.  This is from his blog HERE, and you'll have to scroll down a bit to it.

I am a Bunny Inspector
Hi Dr. Pournelle,
I have been reading with interest your several recent pieces of commentary on the over-reach and general uselessness of government Bunny Inspectors. As a long-time reader of your column (way back in the Byte days), I remember your saying along the lines of, “We do silly things so you don’t have to.”
Well, I did a silly thing. I spent time digging into the actual record, and found that the government employs about 120 animal care inspectors – some of who actually inspect bunnies! Of course, these 120 inspectors cover all the inspection requirements under the Animal Welfare Act, including all zoos, circuses, animal exhibitors, commercial sales facilities, research labs, and the like to help make sure that animals are treated humanely. (
Do go to THIS LINK to finish reading it, and to read Jerry Pournelle's reaction.

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