Monday, October 28, 2013

Universal Truths

The trouble with universal truths is that they're, well, universal, and thus very, very hard to avoid, as much as you'd like to. I've just been having some fun chatting with people on the net who think they're libertarians, and who burst into hissy-fits at any hint that there's any significant variation in behavior of various human ethnic groups. Oh, they'll put up with you saying that some non-White group is superior in some way — Koreans are industrious, Brazilians are vibrant, Afghans are courageous, or whatever. But God help you if you criticize the behavior of any non-White group. Of course, what's funny is that if you spread an ethnic group around the whole blasted world, they continue to act the same way, sort of like cats meow wherever they go. Germans, for example, seem to brew beer no matter where they are, be it Germany, Mexico, Argentina, or Tsingtao. In like manner, Chinese seem to start businesses and make more money than most other people no matter where they migrate to. As for ethnic groups with less admirable reputations, I'll leave you to think that through for yourself or blame Whitey or whatever.  And now, Colin Liddell, from

The latest video to go viral is a lovely little number featuring some tiny little lasses tarted up in tutus, presumably auditioning to be the next Miley Cyrus to a bump n' grind sass-a-long song called “Broadway Baby.”
That in itself would be bad enough, but what makes this video stand out, and the reason for it getting over one-and-a-half-million views, is the excruciatingly bad performance of one of the tap-dancing tiny tots who just happens to be Black.
Now, all the performances, as you would expect, are excruciatingly bad, but because they’re tots we’re supposed to think they’re adorable. That’s the whole point of these sub-Svengalian productions. But what we’re supposed to love even more is the fact that the little Black girl is so animated and totally doing her own thing. Great! Fantastic! Fine...I get it. She’s a little nugget of pure, unrefined freedom to perk up our dull, conformist lives. 
But then there are those nasty people who simply don’t “get it” and describe her actions as just another “chimp out” and the product of obvious bad parentingThe shame! What horrible narrow minds they must have, daring to criticize a 5-year-old! etc., etc.
No wonder comments have been "disabled" on the Youtube video.
But what struck me, when I wasted five minutes of my life to check out what all the fuss was about, was just how implicitly aggressive her actions actually were. During her little 'dance' routine, she throws herself about in the personal space of the other kids and hardly watches where she swings her arms and legs. It’s only down to luck she didn’t actually smack one of them in the face.
This kind of testing or ignoring of other people’s personal space is often a key stage in the run up to Black-on-White violence. OK, the kid’s not a thug (at least not yet), but anyone familiar with the way racial attacks and bullying happen must feel slightly uncomfortable watching these moves.
Not content with stealing the show with her over-the-top antics, she also takes time out to mock and leer at the other little dancers, almost crowing at how much they are in her shadow before an indulgent audience that she can feel responding mainly to her.
Yup, she’s just discovered 'privilege,' that by being (a) a tot in a tutu and (b) Black she can do no wrong. People, especially polite, racially-conflicted Whites, will clap n’ cheer whatever stupid moves she makes. Welcome to the modern West, where these infantilist strategies and the indulgence they elicit are exploited by entire adult groups – Blacks, other ethnics, feminists, and gays, some of whom even don the tutus – in order to hitch a free ride on a society that nervously cheers and applauds as they act up, chimp out, goof around, and do encores.
This little scene is the microcosm of the macrocosm. When the truth is universal, you can find it even in a grain of sand.

To save you the trouble of clicking around, here's the video:

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