Saturday, October 5, 2013

UN Small Arms Trade Treaty, Signed by Kerry, of Course

I've never met A. X. Perez, or seen a picture of him, and I'm the sort of person who forms a mental image of a person involuntarily.  So, given his Spanish name and his constant search for truth and justice, Don Quixote comes to mind.  Not the Peter O'Toole version (as much as I love the movie), or even Cervantes' originally intended version, but a more superhero-like version that may exist only in my own head.  But this illustration, which I found HERE, is pretty close to my mental image of Quixote and A. X. Perez. The kind of guy who doesn't just haul off and tilt at windmills, but who studies the windmill schematics first, and even does an impact study on what knocking them down would lead to. And then he doesn't tilt at them, but slips in with some plastique while Sancho acts as lookout. His latest:

Notes from the Border
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

John Kerry predictably signed the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty. This pact is seen as a threat by many (including most readers of this missive and the author) as a threat to the constitutionally guaranteed right of free Americans, hell of free people everywhere, to acquire, possess, and commonly carry while going about their honest business, whatever personal weapons they opine they need to protect their lives, loved ones, liberty, property, and, yes, whatever body(ies) politic to which they choose to bestow their allegiance. The Senate will all but surely refuse to ratify it.

In its favor, it should prevent things like Operation Fast and Furious, arming groups like the Libyan and Syrian rebels, and other cute like tricks our current administration has carried out. At least that's what it's been sold world round to mean.

Speaking of Gunwalker, ten people were killed in a party in the Valley of Juarez last weekend (21-22 September, 2013). OFF guns, maybe? Nothing about it in the American mainstream media, was there? Especially with the possibility that OFF guns were used or true autoweapons acquired on the international black market (the same one the SATT will do nothing about)being used. Does nothing to prove that legitimate gun dealers in the States are causing massive havoc against innocent corner drug dealers in Chicago. (As a total aside the victims were celebrating a baseball victory and the shooters had lost money betting on the game. Sicarios are such lousy losers.)

Speaking of the mainstream media, Dianne Feinstein is pushing for creating what amounts to official licensed journalists (the flap is about who gets to protect their sources; confidentiality). Is anybody honestly surprised that an opponent of the right to keep and bear arms is opposed to free press and speech? I will refrain from stating what next abuse she will push, don't want to give her ideas.

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