Friday, October 25, 2013

This Land Is Mine, by Nina Paley

A quick film on the history of Palestine. You'll learn a lot, but chances are it won't inspire you to get involved. You can also see it HERE, in case the video doesn't work, with a program explaining who the characters all are.


  1. Love this song. Though I've no idea why the video would inspire me to get involved with anything except reducing our involvement with Israel, so that the US is not represented in the updated video. Also, there's no link on the "HERE" text, assuming that's what you intended to do.

  2. Thanks. Fixed the link. Look again. I say "chances are it WON'T inspire you to get involved."

    1. Yea, I saw the "won't," but the way it was phrased (starting with "but"), I incorrectly inferred that you were saying we should get involved, but this video won't be enough for whatever reasons.

  3. When Bush 1 got us involved in the debacle between Kuwait and Iraq, I was incensed. It was none of our business and that region was not worth the blood of one American soldier.