Friday, October 25, 2013

The Groovy Little Feminist Fantasy World

Actually, "groovy" isn't exactly the right word. It works well for regular liberals, but feminists are a special kind of liberal. They mostly belong to the hissy-fit, victimologist wing of the movement, while the groovy bunch are mostly into sticking beans and other substances into their noses, and, well, grooving on it. Clearly, feminists are even crazier and more dysfunctional than more conventional liberals. Look what they make their male pets do HERE. As way of introduction to Gavin McInnes adventure below, I'll repeat a little story.  When our daughter was three or four, she started playing with an old chess set of mine. The pieces weren't the usual stylized kind, but mostly looked like people — kings, knights, bishops — and the pawns looked like little medieval foot soldiers.  Well, as any experienced parent would expect, the king and queen were a dad and mom, and all the other pieces were their children. And they had tea parties and family outings and did all kinds of domestic stuff.  When our son got old enough to play with the same chess set, the pieces turned out to be more chess-like in function, and became a violent army that had battle after battle till bedtime. Since that time, I've had zero patience with the theory that sex differences (I will not say "gender roles.") are learned rather than innate.  And now, Gavin writes....

This Country Was Not Built by Beta Males

You know the pendulum has swung too far to the left when you say, “There’s nothing wrong with normal” and everyone goes crazy. I was on Huffington Post Live on Monday to discuss “How Masculinity Has Changed Over The Years.” I’ve done this before and it usually goes well. I did a segment for Father’s Day where I introduced the whimsical notion that you’re not a man until you’ve had your heart broken, broken a heart, had the shit beaten out of you, and beaten the shit out of someone.

But when I brought that up on this episode, it was met with sneers and harumphs like I was saying the best way to get a date is to club her over the head and drag her back to your cave. I was told this attitude has led to our culture of mass shootings, and the discussion quickly went from masculinity to femininity.

One patronizing professor claimed there was no empirical data that says men have any latent male characteristics. Huh? There is empirical data everywhere you look. Collectors value vintage boys’ bicycles over girls’ because finding a boys’ bike from the 1950s in good condition is almost impossible. That’s because boys run their bikes into the ground. That’s conditioning? When a doctor makes a cast for a child, she ensures the boy’s cast is fiberglass because boys tend to be harder on it. Ask nannies about the babies they look after and they’ll tell you boys like to wreck stuff and girls like to cuddle. Nobody’s saying these patterns must be enforced. They just exist.
“Modern feminism forces women to reject the very nature of being female. That’s sexist.”

Instead of accepting my opinions as sincere, the female professor on the panel insisted I was scared of empowered women. I rarely talk to people this removed from reality, so it was challenging. In their world, the only reason men have a reputation for being tougher than women is because they’ve been conditioned to act that way. In their world, women earn less because of sexism. Women aren’t in math and sciences because they’ve been discouraged from pursuing it, etc. You’ve heard it all before. To them, gender roles are a kind of performance art and we should all be fine with a 130-pound firewoman carrying us from a burning building.

Meanwhile, on Earth, we just want to put food on the table so our kids stay healthy. If a qualified female shows up to work on a project you think, “Good. Maybe we’ll get out of here early.” Nobody doesn’t want her on the job. Nobody is “scared” of her. College professors don’t know this because they don’t work for a living. They’re paid to pontificate, and even then they get to go on sabbatical and pontificate even harder. (I believe the woman I was arguing with was on sabbatical during this debate—I was at work.) Despite how we all feel about women in the workforce, the panel kept implying I felt threatened by qualified women.

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  1. Oddly enough, I'm thinking that McInnes is not being realistic.

    One of his audience members tweeted:

    I’d love the opportunity to be masculine and punch @Gavin_McInnes in the face for his “natural world”

    Well, since it has come down to that, we might as well accept the inevitable. People like McInnes should stop talking about masculinity and start demonstrating masculinity by means of unarmed combat. In his case, it might have to be "senior citizen boxing" because he's probably not very young any more.

    If we can't talk about these things without people wanting to punch us, why not just skip the talk altogether? It's not as though we are a community or anything. It's not as though these people will ever accept us as neighbors.

    I am tempted to blog about this at length, because it would be easier than getting my to-do list done for the day.