Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Responsibility! Accountability!

Commenting on another post, "Eager Young Liberal" wrote the other day;

At the end of the day nothing matters more than how you treat the most vulnerable under your care.

That so true. (sarcasm emoticon inserted here) Seriously, though, the question is, who exactly is under our care? In times past, the idea was that your kids are under your care, and everybody else's kids are under their parents' care. No more. Everybody is under your care, you lazy taxpayers, you! (If you don't get the logic here, "Eager Young Liberal," a certified "liberation theologian," will explain it to you.) Especially you White taxpayers. Just look at the pathetic case below. There you all go, white-bread White people, "working" at your "jobs," like you neurotic Whiteys always do, paying hardly any taxes at all for the support of rich, vibrant people like the noble young lady here. But she's calling you out this time! You can't evade your responsibility this time. You're accountable, and Obama and his attack dog, Eric Holder are going to make sure you pay your fair share, and her fair share and her fiancé's fair share so those poor, neglected (by you!) fifteen kids can grow up healthy and strong and have fifteen kids each themselves. This inspirational video is from Daily Kenn!


  1. Eager Young LiberalOctober 22, 2013 at 11:43 PM

    I stand by what I said because it holds true. Nothing is more important or more telling about a people than how they treat the most vulnerable. You hold up an extreme cae which is certainly not a description of most people who need assistance. At the same time should those children be forced to go hungry and die, in a country where food is not scarce, just because you have deemed their mother unworthy? No, of course not, those kids deserve a chance to live, as do all others who cannot care for themselves. Otherwise you would have to advocate for eliminating social security and disability, forcing them and children to beg for their food, which is frankly horrible. In no way can you justify the death of possibly millions of children because paying taxes is such a burden to you. Do I think the church has a role in feeding the hungry? Yes, but we do not have the logistics to implement systems on the scale needed.

    As for my original comment, that you ripped the quote out of, it was in regards to the Native Americans that were mistreated by Jackson. They were under his care and he forced suffering upon them, they had no way to object or stand up to their suffering, so yes it is very telling about him as a person. The same standard can be used throughout history, how we treat the most vulnerable matters. The Church has a duty to them, and I think humanity in general has a duty to them, otherwise what is the point of community?

  2. Bravo!! Salute you sir for standing up for we burdened tax payers.