Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quote (Quibcag) of the Day

It's beginning to look like "Elfification" (HERE), a reprint with commentary on a Greg Cochran piece, may prove to be one of my most popular, or at least most commented-on, posts ever. The comments are full of lavish vituperation from one of my most interesting comenters, Eager Young Liberal, who, I must admit, certainly has chutzpah, and unlike most liberals, doesn't run and hide when he's criticized, but keeps right on coming back. That's how you learn stuff, by arguing with people who know more than you do.

In the course of the commenting, the fact surfaced that being an anthropologist isn't necessarily the most reputable thing in the world, because along with actual scientists, the field is riddled with non-scientists who are proud not to be scientists, but rather ideologues of the left. But there are good anthropologists out there, and I've prepared this Karol Traven quibcag (QUote Illustrated By Cute Anime Girl), which you'll recognize as a variation on an old Heinlein quote,  for their benefit and use:

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  1. Eager Young LiberalOctober 24, 2013 at 12:11 PM

    What kind of seminarian would I be if I did not stand with those who suffer? No, I don't back down or hide