Sunday, October 20, 2013

More on our Gypsy Friends

Very strange illustration by Cici-Chi
Gypsies are kind of a test case for liberalism, which is why you hear so little about them in the news, unless news stories can be spun so as to suggest that they're somehow being persecuted by the usual suspects, White people. The thing about Gypsies is, the worst things you've heard about them are, alas, true. They are cultural parasites, an entire ethnic group/nation, or whatever you want to call it devoted to the criminal exploitation of all non-Gypsies they encounter. Their culture has been developing that way for centuries. Indeed, their criminality almost never makes it into the news in this country, and only when France or Italy or some other country tried to protect itself against Gypsies by sending them home or arresting some of them do the journalists do a story, and then of course the subject is discrimination against Gypsies, who, after all, are Just Like Everybody Else.

It's hard enough to make a case for the liberal theory of the Equality of Everybody in a country with millions of Blacks and Hispanics, who simply refuse, for the most part, to be uplifted or equalized or whatever the proper verb is. But add Gypsies to the mix and it's bloody impossible.  After all, communist regimes in Eastern Europe tried for decades to force Gypsies to assimilate and stop being professional thieves, kidnappers, and con me, and it didn't work.  With the likes of Tito and Stalin failing to jolly the Gypsies into becoming productive members of society, you think a bunch of liberals can pull it off?

Steve Sailer, who keeps on top of this subject, points out that, au contraire, liberalism is like a petri dish for Gypsy depravity, bringing out all their worst tendencies, and protecting them from the consequences of their worse-than-bad behavior. He calls it "Liberalism is Freedom for Aggression," and you can read it HERE.

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  1. "Hispanics, who simply refuse, for the most part, to be uplifted or equalized or whatever the proper verb is."
    Gotta call you on this one. Latinos are actually assimilating at about a pace of full assimilation (i think this is the term you are looking for) in four generations. Inassimilability (did I just invent a new word?) is a myth created by crooked politicians and bureaucrats trying to create jobs for themselves. Speaking from personal experience and observation in a Latino dominated town.
    As for the Roma, I carry my ID, debit. and credit cards in a grouch bag (look it up).
    When one of my students who made a class trip to Italy found out about this he told me he wished someone had taught him this trick before he went and had to deal with Gypsy pick pockets. Several others who made the trip had equally bad things to say.
    Acquaintances is finance industry tell me the Romany are bad credit risks.
    this does not excuse their mistreatment over years, just suggests you secure your cah and jewelry in their company.