Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Making the Best of Godwin's Law

Surely you've heard of Godwin's Law. Now, Godwin's initial observation was dead on, but I'm talking here about a special instance of the law, and that's when one is making a rational argument in opposition to some liberal/leftist position. Since most such positions are logically indefensible, one's liberal/leftist opponent, instead of making an actual argument, uses name-calling instead, and calls you "ignorant" initially, and this progresses to "bigot," "racist," and the grand-prize winner, "Nazi." Sometimes that last is personalized as "Hitler." So instead of deploring this narrowed instance of Godwin's Law, let's take it as a compliment, that we have made irrefutable arguments against the left, and the left has basically said, "I surrender," by making the Nazi accusation. Feel free to post this quibcag (QUote Illustrated By Cute Anime Girl) anywhere, especially on social media when you have attained the "Nazi" distinction from a liberal opponent.

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