Friday, October 4, 2013

Liberalism and Reality

Liberalism ("leftism," for our non-American readers) has very little to do with reality.  Thinking is all about collecting data are reasoning about them. Feeling is all internal — hardly any data or reasoning involved.  So, of course, liberals tend towards the latter, while conservatives and libertarians are more into thinking — except for those who are liberals at heart, of course.

But when you ignore reality, it eventually catches up with you. Gavin McInnes explains how this is the case with gun-hating liberals and their groovy little fantasy world:

Children and Guns: The Hidden Dads

On Sunday, the front page of The New York Times featured a dad holding a .22 with his kid under the headline, “Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll.” What a bunch of disingenuous cocksuckers. The story paints a picture of white, middle-class Americans leaving guns lying around the house so little kids can blow their heads off.

We hear about two-year-old Tristan Underhill, who accidentally shot himself with his dad’s handgun. We hear about five-year-old Matthew Dwyer, whose brother accidentally shot him. The only respite from the seemingly endless list of cute, white, dead kids are their grieving mothers holding ashes or staring listlessly into space.

I live in New York and am married to a woman, so this emotional tabloid reeks up my house every Sunday. My neighbor came over and saw the story lying on our kitchen table. “Isn’t this horrible?” she asked, pointing to a chart. I asked her how many children they’re talking about, and she said, “Oh I don’t know. I didn’t read that far.” This is why it’s so effective to use dead kids to make your point. Nobody questions you. Moms Demand Action (who all claim to be Trayvon’s mother) demanded action after the article came out. I wonder how many of them ran the numbers.
“Seeing a liberal shoot a gun is like watching a vegetarian try bacon. You can feel them coming over to the dark side.”

In Georgia from 1999 to 2012, the Times counted 67 children killed by guns. The Times chose a white, middle-class dad for their cover story, but the chart doesn’t tell us how many of these 67 kids were black. There are twice as many whites in Georgia as there are blacks, but they share a similar per-capita quotient of annual gun deaths. How many victims were the children of single mothers? How many of the guns found lying around the house were unregistered and belonged to drug dealers? If they were sincere about their report they’d acknowledge that outside of suicide, gun deaths—of any age—are largely a black thang. They’re also a single-mother thing. (And no, I’m not talking about DC attacker Miriam Carey, whom we heard about yesterday.) Here in New York, the map of single-parent households looks exactly like the map of gun deaths:

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