Wednesday, October 9, 2013

John Craig on the Revolt Against Obama's Shutdown

John Craig is indeed blogging ferociously over at JustNotSaid, and this is just his latest, which inspired this illustration, which everybody should pass around, because it's very wise and perceptive.

Grass roots movements

An article from ABCNews this morning outlined how people are defying federal orders to shut down
various parks and monuments:

Call them the shut-down rebels: Individuals, businesses, cities and state agencies that are defying federal orders to shut down and go home. They are taking a page from the playbook of veterans who last week ignored "closed" signs at the WWII Memorial and--figuratively speaking—jumped the barricades.

Usually, "grass roots movement," "the will of the people," "rebels," and "storming the barricades" (or Barry-cades, as the NY Post put it) are phrases you associate with left-wing movements. This past week they've taken on a distinctly right-wing flavor.

People all over the country are fed up with the National Park Service obeying administration orders to take more man hours -- not less -- to close down open air monument and roads with scenic turnoffs in order to insure that the government shutdown be as painful as possible.

It's gratifying to see.

Orwell made Big Brother a Leftist, and not a libertarian or conservative, for good reason.

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