Friday, October 25, 2013

Jackie Chan Sounds Off Yet Again

We're all used to sleazeball Hollywood types who sneer at their own country and seem to hate everything it stands for. We're so used to them that it comes as a surprise when an actor actually shows a patriotic attitude, and supports his own country and cheers when its enemies suffer. Jackie Chan is one of those exceptions.  Of course his "own country" is China. And for those of you with short memories and little sense of history, one of China's most despised enemies is Japan. And like a good, ethnocentric Chinese citizen, he's always glad to see Japan in a mess. This from Sankaku Complex (caution: some of that site is not safe for work):
Jackie Chan’s recent remarks that it was “good” for tsunami and earthquakes to devastate “a certain country” have sparked plenty of criticism.
According to the Hong Kong press, Chan’s recent trip to California to promote the US release of his “CZ12″ movie saw him make more of his legendarily ill-judged remarks to media in local interviews.
Just which country he was referring to is not clear, but the context certainly seems to exclude quake-prone California and China:
“Americans and Chinese shouldn’t just join hands – the whole world should join hands.”
He clarified that this did not include a certain unidentified country:
“Even saying this, I think it is best natural disasters befall a certain country. Like giant earthquakes and tsunami.”
“In times like this the world will join together to aid them, which is great. Without earthquakes and tsunami nobody will do anything. Without them people just engage in conflicts under political pretexts.”
Chan is of course no stranger to making nakedly political remarks in support of China.


  1. Anyone with the least knowledge of how Japan acted in China during the 1930's and through the end of WWII (arguably, WWII really started in 1932 when the Japanese seized Manchuria, if not in earlier Nihonese acts of aggression against the Han) will understand why Mr. Chan and many other Chinese consider Tsunamis and typhoons tearing up Japan that nation's karma.

  2. People are entitled to their own opinions, and Chan can be an ass if he wants.

    But one should take a gander at R. J. Rummel's website on 20th century mass murders or 'democide' as he calls it.

    It turns out that the Chinese communists murdered more than ten times the number that the Imperial Japanese, and that even the Kuomintang government murdered almost twice as many. This doesn't even count those murdered by the earlier commies reporting direct to uncle Joe.

    So, if one were a hypothetical resident of China born in the year 1910, and assuming that, absent violent action one would live to be three-score and ten (i.e. make it to 1980) You would be about 15 times more likely to be killed by your 'own' government or countrymen than the dastardly Japanese based on the kill numbers.

    I don't guess blind Chinese 'patriots' are prone to look at these numbers - and any Chinese government is going to want to whine about the Japanese rather than face their own misdeeds.