Saturday, October 5, 2013

Immigration — Myth and Reality

In Mike Judge's Idiocracy (a movie I heartily recommend, BTW), the most average man in America goes into suspended animation for 500 years, and when he wakes up, he's the most intelligent man in the world.  He hasn't changed, but everybody else is dumber.

And we Americans, over my lifetime, haven't gotten any more honest, and have maybe even regressed a little, but we're still astounded when we hear about the outrageous dishonesty on the part of our rulers.  Obama can actually say with a straight face that he's cut the deficit, while he demands the power to borrow a few trillion more, and seemingly there are enough stupid enough people out there that it works.

And we've all been told that illegal immigrants can't vote and can't get welfare, and that immigrants are all go-getters who improve our economy, and Obama and his assistants McCain and Graham assure us that immigration reform isn't amnesty, and that criminals will be forced to go home, and that really, there aren't any illegals, and if there are, they're all wonderful people and Ellis Island and etc.

Years ago, I began to have my doubts about all this when I learned that, although a knowledge of English was required for the granting of American citizenship, and of course only citizens are permitted to vote, still, for some reasons, ballots are printed in everything from Abkhaz to Zulu for American elections, as the greme above illustrates.  Pass it around.

Nicholas Stix has been present at citizenship swearing-in ceremonies.  He writes:

What I Saw At The Naturalization Ceremony—More Immigration Means Welfarism, Crime, And The End Of America

Five years ago, my son and I accompanied The Boss to hernaturalization ceremony (she’s an Indian immigrant from Trinidad) at the Federal Courthouse in downtown Brooklyn.
At first, the families were permitted to be present. But soon we were sent to a waiting area, where we whiled away several hours.
I had packed a couple of books, which we read at our cafeteria table, while a huge screen TV blared in the front of the room. At one point, we went to a concession, to pick up some snacks, leaving our bags at the table, to show it was occupied.
When we returned, we found two women there, yapping away very loudly in Spanish. I recognized them: they’d been sitting at a table in the front. If they already had a table, why did they move to ours?
Easy—to run us off, and take our table. It wasn’t enough for them to have a table. Their enjoyment required depriving whites of one. (I seemed to be the only white around.)
But I had a solution: I began edifying them by reading aloud—shouting, really—from my book, even louder than they were speaking. After a few minutes, they departed.
We got to witness the big swearing-in ceremony. Every Citizenship And Immigration Services [CIS] worker was herself an immigrant—they bragged about it, while promoting the “America is a nation of immigrants” myth.
The agency apparently refuses to hire native-born Americans. You know the old routine about black welfare clients rising above poverty by becoming welfare workers to other blacks? Now we have people going from being an immigrant-client to an immigration worker!
Afterwards, The Boss was enraged. During the hours while we waited for her, the immigrant immigration workers had brought out forms for every welfare program under the sun, which they promoted to the candidates, and for which they proceeded to sign them up.
This strikes me as illegal as hell. Doesn’t U.S. Immigration law clearly state that an immigrant may not be a public charge?
I am also convinced that the citizenship process was lousy withfraud by the CIS workers.
The Boss had studied hard for the citizenship exam, learning aboutwho the first president was, about the U.S. Constitution, threebranches of government, etc. But it was given by a CIS worker with no written, video or audio record of it. I believe that those workers passed everyone, whether they knew the answers to the questions, or even could speak English.
(Federal immigration law mandates that any candidate for citizenship be able to speak and read English. But millions of immigrants have been naturalized who know no English, and who then have demanded that ballots be provided in their native tongues.)
Patrick J Buchanan wrote in 1975, in Conservative Votes, Liberal Victories , that it was imperative that the Republican Party reduce and change the radical Left direction of the permanent federal bureaucracy. But Ronald Reagan put only a small dent in the bureaucracy, George I expanded it, and GB II ruled like a liberal Democrat (although they gave him no credit for it).
The majority of the healthcare workers The Boss works with are immigrants, mostly from the Caribbean. Although they all work in what is nominally the “private sector,” they are all net tax-eaters.First off, the places they work at are overwhelmingly funded by white taxpayers. (Yes, that indicts the Stix Family, too.)
But that’s only part of the story. They all defraud the taxpayers. Although her girlfriends are all married and living with their husbands, and have higher family incomes than we do, they lie on their taxes and on school forms, in order to get much higher tax refunds than they’re entitled to, and to illegally get their kids free school lunches and/or breakfasts. (We earn too much for the free school breakfast/lunch program, and never had any interest in, or applied for it.) Apparently, in each family, each parent files taxes individually, and counts all of the kids as dependents. They may also radically undercount their income on the school forms, as well. As far as I know, there is no documentation requirement.
S.744, the Schumer/ Rubio Amnesty/Immigration Surge Bill, would fatally tip the balance of taxpayers to taxeaters, since virtually all of the people being amnestied would be taxeaters.  (Read the rest HERE.)

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