Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Illegal aliens — Are they really better than we are?

Cartoon by BALOO
We keep hearing that, except for the technicality that they're in this country illegally, illegal aliens are just the bestest people in the whole wide world, working hard and obeying laws and getting kittens out of trees and trying to cure cancer if we'd just leave them alone and let them work, because God knows they work harder than we do. You know, they do jobs Americans aren't willing to do. Kind of makes you wonder why the countries they come from aren't utopias, populated as they are by such superior types of people.  Anyhow,  the Center for Immigration Studies begs to differ:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 8, 2013) – A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies details the many statutes the average illegal alien may be violating, shattering the myth of the so-called “otherwise law-abiding” illegal alien. Many politicians and journalists have embraced the myth of the otherwise law-abiding illegal alien in an effort to promote amnesty and higher levels of immigration, arguing that illegal immigration is not a threat to the United States.

The full report is available online:  http://cis.org/myth-law-abiding-illegal-alien

But the average illegal alien violates many statutes, often creating real victims. Some of the laws cited in this report include:

• Social Security Fraud, (42 U.S.C. § 408). This statute has been invoked where an illegal alien provided a false Social Security number for the purpose of acquiring a job, where an illegal alien used a fraudulent Social Security number for the purpose of acquiring a driver’s license, and where an illegal alien used a Social Security card belonging to a citizen in order to obtain Section 8 housing, for example.

• Fraud and False Statements (18. U.S.C. § 1001). It is common for illegal aliens to make false statements to the government or on official documents. An illegal alien violates this law when claiming to be a U.S. citizen on an I-9 Employment Eligibility form, for example.

• False Personation of a U.S. Citizen (18. U.S.C. § 911). An illegal alien violates this statute when he presents himself as U.S. citizen to his employer, claims to be a citizen for purposes of voting, receiving some government benefit, or attempting to avoid deportation by presenting fraudulent documents, for example.

Violations of these statutes can result in a fine and/or imprisonment up to five years each, and courts can require violators to provide restitution to American victims.

“Unfortunately, Congress appears more concerned about turning law-breakers into U.S. citizens than making sure American victims receive restitution,” said Jon Feere, the legal policy analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies. “An amnesty would give illegal aliens a pass for violating these laws and sweep evidence of ID theft under the rug, leaving American victims to fend for themselves.”

As it is, many of these laws are going unenforced due to the Obama administration’s enforcement prioritization scheme that gives so-called low-level offenders a pass. It is not until an illegal alien commits a violent act that enforcement becomes a priority. Removing illegal aliens at the first instance of illegal activity, no matter how small the crime, could prevent larger crimes in the future. This type of enforcement — opposite the approach taken by the Obama administration — might be considered the “broken windows” theory of immigration enforcement. A commitment to immigration enforcement could prevent tens of thousands of Americans from becoming victims.

Contact: Marguerite Telford

202-466-8185, mrt@cis.org


  1. I like them already. Think about two things: one, a statute is just the opinion of a bunch of self-serving dicks, which is (unless anyone can prove otherwise) is the definition of politicians. Second, what does "alien" mean? A- means "without" and as for "lien", look it up.

  2. What you need is a good dictionary. That's not the etymology of "alien."

  3. Having lived in a community with a high percentage of illegal aliens, legal resident aliens, and frequent border crossers I can tell you that there are many wuo just want to go underground and do as little harm as possible, some who feel trapped into breaking laws, and some who came with a total contempt for law. One of my biggest issues with current law is that it provides no mechanism for separating the sheep from the goats, and the goats from rabid wolves. Then again, I get the impression that neither does the law currently before Congress.