Sunday, October 6, 2013

How about the "Washington Luos"?

Barack Obama, never mind everything else he's done, has shown himself to be the most priority-challenged President we've ever had.  However, I do have hopes that at some point he'll be replaced by an American and declared "Antipresident," like they used to do with Popes. But no manner. In the middle of this so-called "government shutdown," a terrible crisis in Syria that everybody seems to have completely forgotten about, and an impending struggle to get agreement from Congress to borrow a trillion or so more to keep those goodies flowing to Eric Holder's people and damn near everybody else on the planet except actual American taxpayers, (deep breath) Obama takes a minute out to fine tune the names of football teams. John Craig, who has been super-blogging lately over at Just Not Said, has this to say about the latest Obama wisdom:

An insult, or a compliment?

The NY Post reported today that President Obama said he "would consider" changing the name of the Washington Redskins, given that some consider the name offensive to Native Americans.

The article quoted Obama, and cited a recent poll, but didn't quote a single Native American on the subject. (I've heard that most Native Americans don't particularly like to be called that, and prefer to be known as "Indians." Evidently, "Native American" is an appellation concocted to soothe the sensibilities of white liberals, not Indians.)

Every now and then the suggestion pops up that the Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, and Cleveland Indians change their names as well.

I've never quite understood the reasoning here. Sports teams often name themselves after people -- or creatures -- they admire, and want to emulate. Some names can connote a point of local interest (such as the Houston Oilers, or the Houston Rockets, or the Denver Nuggets), but most teams name themselves after a creature with a certain admirable fighting spirit -- a creature they want to emulate. Hence the abundance of teams nationwide named after lions, tigers, wolverines, timberwolves, bears, falcons, eagles, and jaguars.

Note that there are no teams named after worms, ants, garter snakes, stink bugs, or cuckoo birds.

I've never heard anybody object to the name "Minnesota Vikings" on the grounds that this is hurtful to the feelings of Scandinavians. Nor have I heard any Irish-Americans wax offended about the Boston Celtics.

If liberals did object to the name "Vikings," I can just imagine what they'd say:

"Vikings were a violent people known for invading neighboring countries and for pillaging and raping. This is a stereotype we want to move away from, and we consider it highly prejudicial and offensive to the many good Americans of Scandinavian descent across the country."

But I don't expect to hear this objection; most understand that the name is in fact a compliment to Swedes and Norwegians.

Just as naming your team the Braves, Chiefs, or even Redskins is a compliment to Indians.


  1. Actually, most American Indians would prefer you call them by their tribe.

    Also, the Kansas City Chiefs weren't named after American Indians, but named in honor of respected Kansas City major H. Roe Bartle, who was instrumental in bringing the team to KC. He was nicknamed "The Chief".

  2. On account that I like alliteration and in honor of Obama, how about renaming them the Washington Wogs.

    Just kidding...

  3. The Redskins were the Boston Redskins at one time now that they are in DC the liberals can get over the shame that they are named after whiskey-nosed Ted Kennedy.

  4. I refer you to the following articles on Texas unofficial national anthem:
    and .

    I have been given to understand that the original version is the one used as a marching song by the 9th US cavalry Regiment. I have also been given to understand that the Kiowa and Comanche original referred to the members of this regiment as Buffalo Soldiers as an insult until they actually fought them. After that it became an appellation of of respect. Make of this information what you will. And don't name a team Buffalo Soldiers unless you can guarantee it will match the Ninth and Tenth's performance records.