Friday, October 4, 2013

D. C. — The Shooting of Miriam Carey

It's interesting how the DC event totally dominated the news yesterday afternoon, but there's hardly a peep about it today.  Thing is, the media can't quite figure out how to fit it into one of their narratives. She didn't have a gun, you see, which would have made it good for a month or so of liberal hand-wringing. And it's fun to give cops a hard time, but these cops were protecting Obama and all his helper elves, so they don't want to pick on them. And maybe the cops were Black. At least, they might be, so it's best to be silent for now. And the perp, sort of, was Black.  And female.  And a single mother.  Which qualifies her for near-sainthood in liberal dogma.

It'll be a big news story if they can figure out a way to blame Whitey for a Black single-mother driving down to DC to try to run over Obama.

But Nicholas Stix keeps up with stories that the dominant media thinks are uncool.  He reports on Miriam Carey HERE.  Just visit his site daily if you want to keep up with it all.

And Vulture of Critique's reaction to all this is even funnier than usual. Check it out HERE.

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