Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Neal Osborn Quotoid?

This is a quote extracted from Neale Osborn's essay HERE. Good stuff, and I recommend you keep yourself a copy to use whenever you're arguing with liberal idiots about what the Second Amendment "really" means.

But the question is, what shall we call these things I've been making? They're commonly called "memes," as near as I can tell, and consist of things like an illustrated quote, like this one, to the classical ditzy hippie girl that we've all seen, to just any statement or wisecrack presented along with a graphic of some sort.  "Meme" is not a good word for these things, because THIS is what "meme" means.  Now, I've been calling them "gremes," for "graphic meme," but I'm not happy with that, either.  In the case of most of what I'm making, I'll call them quotoids for the moment, but I don't like that either?  Maybe "quillos" from "quotes illustrated."

Seriously, anybody have a better name for such things than "memes"?  Or for my own particular "quotes illustrated by cute anime girls" sort of thing? (quibcags?)  Send in any ideas you have.


  1. I'm Neale Osborn, and I approved this Greme.

  2. "Greme" sounds good enough and it resonates with "gremlin".

    1. Yeah, I think I like "greme" for the graphic commentary usually called "meme," and "quibcag" for my particular version of it.