Thursday, September 19, 2013

War, What Is It Good For?

Cartoon by BALOO!

It depends. Sometimes war can keep you from being conquered by bad guys. Sometimes it can prevent a worse war. And, of course, we all should know by now that, contrary to dorm room posters, preparation for war is often an effective war preventative. 

Also, unfortunately, war can very often be a very nice thing for the people who don't actually have to participate in it, but who benefit from it while watching safely from the sidelines. Our big shot politicians are much like that, all too often, and they are always ready to send our troops off for some vague reason to fight somebody for some undefined purpose.

Maybe we lucked out this time. God only knows what goes on in Obama's head, but one supposes that he asked Congress to decide for war, thinking that they would decide for war, and then he could blame them for the downside of it all while taking credit for any benefits from it, real or imagined. I remain pessimistic, though, and I expect us to get involved in Syria anyway, sooner or later. Pat Buchanan seems more optimistic than that, but has insightful and cautionary things to say about the situation anyway, as he always does.  This from his latest column:

Lindsey’s Plan for War on Iran


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