Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Theodore Beale (Vox Day) on the Right of Self-Defence

Theodore Beale, AKA "Vox Day," points out that Americans shouldn't be on the defensive about gun rights, but in the Thoreau tradition, should ask everybody else why they're not in jail. In this, he reminds me of another science fiction writer, L. Neil Smith. Frankly, I tend to be conservative rather than libertarian on the issue of human rights — I consider mine, and those of my countrymen, so important, that I don't want to dilute my efforts and spend any energy trying to convince Estonians or Koreans or Napalis that they have these rights too, and offer to help them demand them. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe people have these rights whether they want them or not.

Or, maybe we're both right, and the trick is to behave as though it goes without saying that everybody has these rights, and encourage them to demand them by our example. Maybe we should treat other nations not like people who have no rights, but simply like people who haven't caught on yet that they do.  On the other hand, maybe some of them are ahead of us already. What's the gun control situation in Russia these days?  Anyhow, here's what Beale says, and I pulled a quote out of it for a new greme, here:

The fundamental human right of self-defense

It is long past time for gun owners and human rights activists go on the offensive and proactively demand global recognition of the basic human right to own and carry firearms everywhere for self-defense....
(Well, that's certainly a good start. Read the rest HERE.)

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