Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"The evil man is the child grown strong."

Well, that last post sure kicked up a fuss. Do go read the comments, if you haven't already. Eager Young Liberal is in top form, projecting like mad (he thinks everybody gets their information from TV, like he does), and using junior high school debating tactics. (Eww, gross!) And I'm proud to say that this whole exchange resulted in some delightfully creative riffing by Vulture of Critique. He deconstructs Eager Young Liberal's "arguments" and Eager Young Liberal himself, for that matter, far better than I could. He goes on to say interesting thing about Hobbes and our own Bob Wallace, which leaves us hungry for more.


  1. Without a reference to Hobbes, I could not take it seriously. When I searched for the quote, it was no where to be found, also suspect. And finally, the fact that it is used as a slogan with no context from the author's intent, makes it useless as an argument. Those who cannot contruct a full argument use slogans, and while they can be catchy, they in no way create an argument.

    Yes I latched onto his original sentence, the way you begin is important and when you begin by comparing a way of thinking to a mental illness, it says a lot about your moral quality and your ability to make an argument. I did not need to prove it was untrue because it was clearly without merit. I do not care who you quote later, when you begin, as a middle schooler would, by saying the equivalent of "youre retarded", it shows you as a person are not capable of making an argument. He has done the same in other comments, so it has shown it was not a moral lapse in judgment but a consistent theme in his thinking.

    1. With your replies as reference, I can not take you very seriously.

  2. Well if you can take someone seriously who begins their statements by calling another mentally ill and thinks quoting someone at the end makes for a reasonable resonse, than I do take it as a compliment that you do not take my replies seriously