Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Dangers of Right-Wing Blogging

I was initially warned by all my liberal friends that it was bad enough that I refrained from voting for Obama. That's enough to get me convicted at Neuremberg all by itself. But when I actually started doing a right-wing blog (yes, I know it's a libertarian blog, but to liberals, it's all the same), I became indistinguishable from Julius Streicher. But even if I quit blogging altogether, that might not be enough. These days, it's almost impossible for a White Gentile not to be a Nazi. I mean, take the Trayvon affair. Those of us who took Zimmerman's side were of course racist bigots, burning crosses wherever we went.  On the other hand, those who took Trayvon's side were anti-Hispanic, hating all Mexicans, etc., and, depending on just who Zimmerman's father is, maybe even anti-Semitic. And if we were neutral, well, we just didn't care about People of Color, proving our Naziness yet again.  Those of us who are anime fans are at even greater risk.  Just look at this guy:

That's not even touching on the Palestine Paradox, wherein you have to choose between being an anti-Semite by supporting the Palestinians, and being an Islamophobe for supporting the Israelis. In that same connection, Obama-worship isn't enough to absolve you from Naziism, because many people are saying that he hates Israel and is out to destroy it. And my half-joking posts about Putin have got me in trouble, too — Saying nice things about him is evidently equivalent to being a communist, and Hitler and Stalin were once buddies.  And saying bad things about Putin means you're a xenophobe, i. e., a bigot and a Nazi. Whew! Well, if my warnings aren't enough for you, maybe you'll listen to Vulture of Critique, who explains and illustrates the Road to Evil HERE.


  1. Did you pick Streicher on purpose? Being that his only crime was being a thought criminal and publishing naughty cartoons?


    1. Sort of. Picked him because his work was analogous to blogging.

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