Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Cool Ones


  1. Courtesy of the public schools and the modern entertainment media.

    Makes it easier for the MAG to lead more people by the nose.

  2. Strangely enough I just sent the following in response to a letter in TLE re an earlier letter about an earlier letter:
    "Who says that the Pythagorean theorem and quadratic equation are irrelevant?"

    Not me. My intent was to criticize the types who do say that. It was at one time
    fashionable by pseudointelligentsia types to boast of their ignorance in math
    rather than to admit it was a weakness. Apparently this gave certain other
    buffoons license in their minds to deny math mattered.

    This is a scary trend in majoritarian tyranny. People who are proud of their
    ignorance of math and science seek power to shape policy in space, energy,
    and medicine. Latino immigrant and African American parents are told by
    demagogue politicians that making their children learn standard American
    English is a betrayal of their roots then are left to wonder why they can't get
    decent jobs (BTW, a bunch of them are wising up.). The moral supremacy of
    the ignorant buffoon is touted, then people complain that they are ruled by fools.

    The biggest flaw in public education is that the politicians who control it
    have as big a stake in undermining it as in making it work, maybe bigger.