Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Boys in Brazil are now all over the world!

That cloning project really got out of hand. You know, the one with Gregory Peck and Hitler's DNA. Since that time, Hitler has showed up as Saddam Hussein, Yassir Arafat, Fidel Castro, and just the other day, Ted Cruz — and he said, sort of, that Obama is a Hitler clone, albeit with quite a few mutations. Obama's certainly not the first U. S. President to be Hitler.  Both Bushes were, and Reagan was, and I'm pretty sure Nixon was, too. And even though they didn't get elected, McCain and Romney were both Hitler. Come to think of it, most Republicans are Hitler, as are all the Tea Party folks and whoever is annoying the liberals currently. But Iran has the most Hitlers of all. Khomeni was Hitler, and Ahmadinejad was definitely Hitler, though evidently a term-limited Hitler, because he's been replaced by Hassan Rowhani, the latest Hitler. Pat Buchanan has his doubts about this equivalence, because he remembers Hitler as having rather more resources than camels and goats:

Is Iran the Fourth Reich?

In the fall of 1956, Nikita Khrushchev threatened to rain rockets down on London for the British invasion of Suez and sent his tanks into Budapest to drown the Hungarian Revolution in blood.

He blew up the Paris summit in 1960, banged his shoe at the U.N., and warned Americans, “We will bury you!”

He insulted John F. Kennedy in Vienna, built the Berlin Wall, and began secretly to place missiles in Cuba capable of annihilating every city in the Southeast, including Washington.

Those were sobering times and serious enemies.

Yet in the Eisenhower-Kennedy years, living under a nuclear Sword of Damocles unlike any the world had ever known, we Americans were on balance a cool, calm and collected crowd.

How then explain the semi-hysteria and near panic in circles of this city over the possibility President Obama might meet with President Hassan Rouhani and hold negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program?

We hear talk of Hitler in the Rhineland, of a new Munich, of America failing to act as Britain failed to act, until, back to the wall, it had no choice but to fight. The old Churchill quotes are heard once again.

But is the Ayatollah Hitler? Is Rouhani von Ribbentrop? Is Iran the Fourth Reich? Should we be very very afraid?

Iran, we are told, is the most dangerous enemy America faces.

But is this true?  (Read the rest HERE.)

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