Monday, September 30, 2013

Some REAL news for a change!

Ayuko Oka (丘 歩子) Rejoices at the discovery of a new Stooge Film!

Constant correspondent Dave Holle has uncovered an actually significant news item for a change, an event that could, conceivably, change cultural history.  He hastens to point out, however, that even the New York Post nods, and the caption under the photo is laughably wrong. As any true Stoogian (Stoogist? Stoogite?) could tell you, that is Curly Howard, not Curly Jo De Rita.  And even if it was Curly Jo De Rita, it still wouldn't be Curly Jo De Rita, because he spelled his name "Curly Joe DeRita." Sheesh!

Long-lost Three Stooges movie found in Australia, to be screened

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