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Mokita means facts that everybody knows, but which, for one reason or another, nobody talks about. Meta-mokita is a step further.  It means facts that everybody knows, nobody talks about, and the opposite of which everybody feels obligated to assert.  This latter, especially, includes many politically incorrect things that we've come to call "hate facts."  One example is the fact that American Whites have an average IQ of 100, while American Blacks have an average of 85. Not only is it forbidden to mention this fact in almost every venue, it's also required that in any discussion of intelligence, you assert repeatedly that all races are equally intelligent, and any apparent differences are due to poverty or racism or sunspots or something.

But now we need a new term for a new phenomenon.  Some "hate facts" have been suppressed for so long now, and their opposites ritually asserted so many times, that we now have at least one generation for which such things are not mokita, or meta-mokita, but something they actually don't know any more, despite the fact that such truths were the common heritage of humanity for hundreds of generation until just recently.

So while old coots like me have known all our lives that races differ in intellect and temperament, from traditional knowledge and personal observation, there are people walking the streets right now who have been so brainwashed in the opposite direction that they don't believe that races so differ, even when they're daily confronted with obvious evidence that they do. They refuse to believe their lying eyes, and believe the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) instead.

What, then, shall we call it? It used to be mokita, but it became meta-mokita, and after enough years in that status, it's no longer either, but is literally unknown to vast numbers of people. We could call it "former mokita," which is awkward, or "post-mokita," a little handier, but that sounds more like an adjective than a noun. For now, I've decided to use pseudo-mokita, because to many of us, it seems like it's still mokita, even though it's ceased to be. Do send in your suggestions.  I'm not satisfied with any of mine.

And, for the time being, read what Greg Cochran has to say about his efforts to turn the tide, and if not make these formerly-mokita "hate facts" recognized as true again in public, at least keep them in the mokita classification, and make sure as many people as possible are aware of them, even if they won't admit to it in public.  From his blog at

It Must Be Said

There are facts that were once known, sometimes generally known, that are now known to but a few.   Some of this information loss is caused by changes in occupational patterns -  farmers automatically know something about heritability, clerks and workers in dark satanic mills, not so much.
But mostly these facts are unpleasant, at least to some ears.  People who mention such facts are punished – generally in terms of their careers, not being invited to parties, etc.  That’s enough to cause a 10 or 20-fold drop in visibility, which ought to tell you something about how brave people are. Many people assume that everyone is secretly aware of those unpleasant facts, but that is not the case.  A generation that has grown up never hearing those facts will be almost entirely unaware of them, in part because their personal life experiences don’t impinge on those patterns much. This means that they can and sometimes do make serious mistakes that those ‘secretly aware’ types never would.
Now there are a few cases where a lot of information leaks through anyhow – that’s certainly the case with facts concerning the differences between the sexes.  There’s an article about sex-typical play in little kids that has been written over and over and over.  It starts with some Ivy-league nitwit who knows for sure that little boys and girls are just the same, except for minor differences in plumbing, and then can’t quite manage to unnotice his little girl playing with dolls while his four-year old boy chews a piece of toast into the shape of a gun and then mows him down.
Ron Unz has supported The American Conservative, and as a result, had some columns published in that magazine. For the most part, I thought that the points he tried to make in those articles (rapid IQ convergence for Mexican immigrants, Harvard favoring Jews in admissions,  etc) ranged from clearly wrong to unproven, no case made. Recently he submitted a piece on high crime rates among American blacks – Henry and I talked about some of the points in it.  In particular, I had doubts about high estimates for the number of ‘missing’ black men.
But the article was unquestionably correct in its major conclusion.  Blacks in the US have very high crime rates, and there is a very high correlation between the local crime rate and the local black percentage.  That’s the way it is.
And that article is what got Ron kicked off TAC’s board. No good deed goes unpunished.
Someone I know at TAC opined that everyone knows this stuff, and talking about it is just mean.  I think he is mistaken: you have to state important facts every so often, or nobody knows them anymore.
There are a lot of facts like this. It’s made even worse by charlatans spewing falsehoods – sometimes that’s all that the typical undergraduate is exposed to.   For example, average brain size is not the same in all human populations.  Average cranial capacity in Europeans is about 1362;  1380 in Asians, 1276 in Africans. It’s about 1270 in New Guinea. Generally there is a trend with latitude – brain volume is lowest near the equator.  And no,  despite Gould’s bushwa, there is nothing especially difficult about measuring brain volume.  Direct measurement of a healthy brain is best; but that is now done, using magnetic resonance imagery, and the results are about the same -  a mean black-white difference of about 1 standard deviation.
Graduate students in anthropology generally don’t know those facts about average brain volume in different populations. Some of those students stumbled onto claims about such differences and emailed a physical anthropologist I know, asking if those differences really exist. He tells them ‘yep’ – I’m not sure what happens next. Most likely they keep their mouths shut. Ain’t it great,  living in a free country?
Anyhow, I intend to occasionally make a clear statement of some hateful fact – not necessarily because I have anything new to say on the subject (which is what I prefer).   Someone has to corrupt the rising generations.

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