Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Political Correctness — Worse Than It Sounds

A problem with the term "political correctness" is that it sounds a lot more harmless than it is. It's come to have a connotation of silly prissiness, which it certainly deserves, but that distracts us from its actual profligate waste and downright lethal consequences. Political correctness, in which school kids are constantly marinated, causes them to be less than adequately suspicious and to get themselves raped and killed. Oh, they're told not to trust strangers, but they're also told that Blacks and other minorities are harmless and benign wonderful people who must be treated with respect and deference at all times, so they do, and get themselves raped and murdered.  It was political correctness that kept coddling Hassan and Alexis, till they both ran of the rails and murdered people. Political correctness causes immense waste of resources, because it leads to assigning jobs and responsibility to women and minorities who aren't qualified for them, and that leads to plane crashes and military disasters and criminals not being restrained when appropriate. And even if fatalities don't result, it leads to a depressing lowering of standards and morale all over the economy. And it makes everybody stupid, or at least it makes them seem stupid.  John Craig, at, gives us the benefit of his experiences:

Justice is blind; now so is law enforcement

Back in May, I linked a Wall Street Journal article which talked about a new trend: everyone, no matter how old, must be carded before drinking, since otherwise it's "discrimination" against younger people.

I had assumed that this silly trend died as quickly as it had appeared.

Not so.

Last weekend my wife ran a half marathon up in Rhode Island. They had set up a large tent at the finish where all the runners could gather for a post-race beer. My wife finished the race, and went to the tent, but was not allowed a beer because she didn't have a proper ID with her.

My wife is 57. While she looks good for her age, nobody would mistake her for a teenager.

The wonderful thing about political correctness is that it gives common sense a nice vacation. When political correctness takes over, common sense goes jetting off to some place like Fiji, where it's not even reachable by phone.

Carding 57-year-olds is the culmination of a non-discriminatory ethos which deems it evil to notice any human differences.

Another example might be how those TSA agents at the airports pay as much attention to little old ladies as they do to me.

Check out my picture on the right. (Go to his site HERE to do that.) I look vaguely like a guy who'd like to blow up a jet in order to get his 72 virgins. Okay, I admit it, I'm getting a little old for the virgins. But I still look kind of like I might have a soft spot for al Qaeda.

So please, frisk me -- and others who look like me. I'd far rather be the victim of racial profiling than the victim of a terrorist.

Let me put it this way: I'd prefer having to undergo a cavity search by a fat, ugly, old gay guy with warts on his fingers than having to sit on an airplane for several hours wondering when the bomb is going to detonate.

We need to send political correctness to Fiji, and invite common sense back home -- without asking it for an ID proving it's 21.

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