Monday, September 30, 2013

Payen Sie Attenzion!

David M. Schmidt urges us to know our place and let the proper authorities to their job. This is from the Libertarian Enterprise:


Attenzion alles lookenspeepers! Der Economy ist too complicated fur explainen by der "free market," "libertarian," und "Austrian economist" schmartypants antisozialistische extremist terroristen dumkopfs. Pay no attention to such Scheisse! Der Economy ist only fur mangalen by der Government experten und bureaucraten und der grosse dicke Bankstern. Mitout der Rules und Regulazions, der Taxes und Schpending, und der Borrowing und Printing, der kommt big problems mit der inflation, der unemployment, der grosse Depression, der hund und katze leben together! Totalistische Kaos! Und who would bild der Autobahnen, hein?!

So, to alles dumkopf peasants in flugoverland: Do not interfere with the important work that is here going on mit der schtupid questions und der kibbitzing. Der Authorized Journalists will tell you alles what ve need you to know. Just relax und stand mit dein hands in pockets und dein lip buttoned, und watch in amazement der Government at Work.
David M. Schmidt


  1. Well, we all know that democracy sucks, and that Republicanism always leads to democracy, and that libertarianism doesn't reproduce because it can only consist of white men. So how about some reflection on monarchy now and then? Just for a breather. After all, the democratic king is Obama, the republican king is singed parchment, and the libertarian king is a theory. How 'bout one for a real man, for a change?

    1. Sounds like something I'D like to read. Write it, and send it to us at, and if it's not wacko, we'll print it!

  2. I read that entire thing in Dr. Richtofan's voice and I'm so happy right now.