Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Obama has always been at war with Eastasia

Well, the drums are beating. I just listened to the dissolute thug-hippie Bob Beckel explaining how we have a moral obligation to kill some Syrians because some Syrians are killing other Syrians, and how we can trust the information the Obama régime gives us with all our hearts. And I saw Rand Paul making perfect sense about the whole affair and John Kerry completely ignoring the sense and lying about everything.  Speaking of that piece of garbage, John Kerry, I remember how hideously awful it was, in his opinion, to wage war against communists in Viet Nam. If you'll remember, it wasn't that it was a bad idea or impractical, it was evil. It's bad to oppose communism, in the Kerry universe.  But it's good to bring down Arab leaders, especially Arab leaders who are halfway peaceful and stable, and replace them with incompetent crazy bastards. It's also perfectly okay to ignore our Constitution to do so, sneering at the authority of Congress and declaring one-man Obamawar.

And of course these peaceful guys, Kerry and Obama and the idiotic Beckel, all agree that we have a mission from somebody to fight all the bad guys in the world, even before we're sure just who is bad and who is good.  The "we," of course, is our troops, not our enlightened rulers, who have no intention of risking a broken fingernail in all this.

Kevin MacDonald explains the why and wherefore of it all:

The Israel Lobby and the Organized Jewish Community Want Regime Change in Syria

Kevin MacDonald

President Obama is now saying his administration has decided to attack Syria but will seek Congressional approval before doing so. This sets up a really interesting situation if Congress doesn’t agree, as seems quite possible.

The idea of Obama ordering an act of war on Syria without significant international support and without a Congressional mandate always was a head scratcher. Here’s our far left president advocating yet another war in the Middle East after opposing the Iraq war when he was a senator. The same president who has a frosty relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu and has repeatedly fallen short of the demands of the Israel Lobby.

Of course the rationale is framed in moral terms—like all American wars, but there was more than a touch of that in the run-up to the Iraq war as well. Here the case for the hawks is made more difficult because the WMD story turned out to be false. Lest we forget, this story was manufactured by strongly identified ethnically Jewish, pro-Israel operatives linked to the Office of Special Plans in the Department of Defense, including Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Abraham Shulsky, Elliott Abrams, David Wurmser, Michael Ledeen, David Schencker, and Michael Rubin, with the close cooperation of Israeli intelligence (see here, p. 47ff).

The Weekly Standard’s usual neocon suspects — including many of the same people who promoted for the Iraq war — are pressing for a very large U.S. involvement in Syria. It’s mind-boggling to read in the statement of these so-called “experts” that the president must act “to ensure that Assad’s chemical weapons no longer threaten America.” Shades of how Iraq under Saddam Hussein was going to destroy the U.S. with his WMD’s. How Assad is going to unleash his chemical weapons on America is anybody’s guess. (Read the rest HERE.)

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  1. Posted by self to Soldier of Fortune FB post on topic of US involvement in Syria: Let's cut the crap. The US is looking for a pretext to invade Syria for the purpose of cutting of its aid to Hezbollah and more importantly secure our rear and flanks for an invasion of Iran and destruction of that nation's government. I nave been waiting patiently for someone to tell me I am full of shit for proposing this thesis, or agreeing with it if anyone else said this before me. I have been praying for someone to tell me I'm wrong. Please?