Saturday, September 21, 2013

Not seeing the corrupt forest for the trees

Another Baloo cartoon from HERE.
Vulture of Critique pointed out an apparent blind spot in my recent post on the run-up to the Syria war. And he's absolutely right. I do tend to not think as much as I should about the money side of political things, most particularly the corrupt part. My excuse is that, compared to your average politician at least, I'm fairly principled, and when politicians do crazy things, I tend to look for the reasons in their ideologies. And most of them, of course, don't have ideologies, and do everything they do for their own cynical advantage, and that advantage is overwhelmingly monetary.

Hardly anybody in Congress cares about the fate of anybody in Syria or anywhere else in the Middle East. When they talk about the terrible things that happen, or might happen, to Syrian children or Kurds or Israelis or Pakistani schoolgirls, you can rest assured that it's all blather. They're in it for the money.  You'll find an exception or two now and then, but they're virtually all in it for the money. If you haven't check out what Vulture has to say yet, do so now HERE.

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