Sunday, September 8, 2013

Letter from John Jaeger

First, the letter, then my reply:

Suggestions for your website

1.  Identify yourself.  Nowhere did I see your name.
Give those of us who find your musings accurate and useful a name to attach to them.
Give the liberals ANOTHER name to hate and despise.  Add mine while you're at it.

2.  You continue entries far too long before linking them to "READ MORE HERE."
Truncate moah beddah, as da kine on da Big Island would say.

3. Here is some food for thought:

4.  Read this brain candy to your grandchildren.  It's only about seven pages.
Stop along the way to see if any of you can figure out what happens next.
Discuss with them before reading further: "HOW does she get the MOON!"
And later, "HOW does....."

My reply:

1. This is a two-man blog, sort of.  It's basically run by Ex-Army, me, who wishes to remain anonymous for reasons too complicated to go into here.  Just call me Ex-Army.  And I run it with copious help from Rex F. May, who cleans up some of my grammar, does the occasional guest post, and finds/makes lots of illustrations for everything, this one for example.

2. I really hadn't thought about this one.  My basic policy is to reprint only the opening of other people's material, partly because of copyright, and partly because I want to publicize, and send readers to, their own websites.  So a show of hands — am I, like John says, printing too much before I link?  I frankly can't judge.

3. A hell of a good piece.  The graph phoniness exposure alone is worth reading the whole thing.

4. Good advice. Years since I read Thurber.  An ornery old son-of-a-buck, but a clever writer. And cartoonist.
I like feedback like this.  Do send such suggestions.


  1. Do not shorten the post before the link...I need more than two sentences to see if I want to bark up that tree or not. Good work all around. Lewis33

  2. I don't mind entire repostings of my stuff. My goal is to get the idea out there; it doesn't matter too much to me whether I get the traffic or not.

    1. Well said. I figure, if somebody is worth quoting, he ought to be linked too because his stuff is worthwhile by definition.