Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Daily Kenn Apportions Blame

Cartoon by BALOO

As I said awhile ago, the deep thinkers have plenty of reasons for the Navy Yard massacre, all except the real one.  Daily Kenn recognizes the real reasons, too, and describes them this way:

Accessories to Massacre:
Affirmative Action, pollitical correctness, and Oprah

"So what's Oprah got to do with it?"

I'm a mind reader. I can tell the vibes reverberating over the Internet; that's the first thought that popped in your head.

The answer can be summed in a single word: Prod

Oprah, the wealthiest self-made business woman on the planet, has a long history of promoting the concept of racial discrimination. Along with that comes the frustration of feeling deprived, put upon, and robbed of life experiences, opportunities, and advancements.

That, in turn, translates into a sense of black entitlement; or black privilege denied.

Such a negative mindset will ultimately express itself with a negative response. Like a geyser, the Oprah factor exerts pressure on the collective minds of America's black community until at some point in time and at some place a violent eruption will occur.

That eruption took place on September 16, 2013 when an apparently disgruntled former sailor expressed his dissatisfaction at a Navy shipyard near the nation's capital.

Granted, Oprah didn't phone Aaron Alexis. "Say, Bro. Why not go shoot up the Navy Shipyard in DC?"

More subtly, the waddly one impresses the minds ever every black American with a sense of entitlement driven by years, nay, decades, ohwhatthecrap, CENTURIES of abuse by hate-filled, bigoted white people. (ref. The Butler)(ref. The Swiss purse debacle).

Political correctness gave the gunmen a cloak of protection that psychologically repelled watchmen from sounding the alarm. It's The Boy Who Cried Wolf in reverse.

That cloak of entitlement is called 'black privilege'. More specifically it is termed in the context of racial profiling. 52.2% of homicides in America are committed by blacks. Nearly all are committed by black males between the ages of 18 and 49 who comprise about three percent of the population.

Alexis not only fit the profile but also had a history of gun violence that should have snagged his privilege to access government military facilities. But, alas, black privilege. What sane person would risk his/her reputation and career to make such an effort?

Answer: No one. Hence the shooting.

And that brings us to Affirmative Action.

The federal government has an apparent long standing policy of selecting employees based on the color of their skin (again, black privilege) rather than content of character.

I suspect the suspect was not hired because of his stellar character.

Police records reveal Alexis once dealt with a noisy neighbor by firing a gun through his apartment ceiling. The bullet missed the neighbor, but made a lasting impression, both in her mind and in the hole in her floor. That was in 2010.

In 2004 the [alleged] gunman drew a fire arm to vent his frustration by displacing the air from the inside of another motorist's tires to the outside of the tires.

In time, not even Affirmative Action could save him. He was discharged from the Navy with nothing but a sense of entitlement, access to the Navy Yard, and the likes of Oprah prodding him to vent his frustration. 

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