Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Anti-Second-Amendment Colorado Representatives Recalled by Voters!

Hatsune Miku says "Hooray!"
DailyKenn informs us that despite millions spent by lefties to keep them in office, the two anti-Second-Amendment state senators in Colorado were recalled by the voters.  I was pleased and very pleasantly surprised.  L. Neil Smith speaks for me on this one, as he does on many other issues:


This is a very happy day for me.

Yesterday, my fellow Coloradoans in the south voted to recall two evil socialist politicians, State Senate President John Morse and his hench-woman Angela Giron, because of the unconstitutional victim disarmament legislation they rammed through earlier this year.

New York's fascist billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg reportedly put a lot of money into getting those laws passed (with help from Joe "Brainplugs" Biden and Waco Willie Clinton). He's said to have put another two million into opposing this recall effort, and came away an amputee. "Even the weeds of the field" have risen against him.

The United Nations, already enraged at this state for legalizing marijuana, now sees its hopes for universal disarmament dashed to pieces. Let Barack Obama sign whatever the hell he wants; Americans have obeyed their last gun law.

With our continued effort, he will eventually be forced to allow the re-importation of those million Garands and M1 Carbines from Korea, and reduced to handing out boxes of .40 S&W ammo off the back of a truck like surplus cheese,

Here in Colorado repeal is next, and people are talking about impeaching the gun-grabbing governor John Hickenlooper, who has been too busy humping Obama's leg to take much notice of anything else lately.

The best news is that one of the two districts involved in this vote is overwhelmingly Democratic and Hispanic. And yet the margin was enormous there. Conservatives who worry about immigrants, illegal and otherwise, giving eternal victory to the Left have been ignoring me for years, but they would do well to pay attention. They don't really understand these people at all. In Mexico, individuals are now arming themselves and forming militias in spite of the government and prosecuting a shooting war against the drug cartels.

And I don't have to move to Laramie.

— L. Neil Smith


  1. Because in Colorado you have so few problems and nothing better to do than to make sure each and every single person in Colorado, so about 10, has their own tank because that is what the founding fathers wanted. You are ridiculous

    1. So are you saying you want your own tank?

      Come on, man, gas and maintenance would be expensive plus they would be a bitch to parallel park.

  2. Young liberal. Its not about the guns. Its about self rule and the God given right live your life as you want; and not as some government administrator wants you to live your life. But if you think someone else knows what's in your best interest and you want to subjegate yourself to an oppressive ruler, you might want to relocate to Syria.

    1. Anon: If it isn't about the guns than why do people keep having gun rallies? If you say you are pro-self rule to such an extreme that people should be allowed to have deadly weapons without limits, than you have to be for every other self rule there is no matter how ridiculous. That means, people should be allowed to marry animals, there should be no speed limits, you should be allowed to put whatever you want into drugs (and by drugs I mean from a pharmacy), you should be allowed to lynch people at will, I mean honestly where does it stop? We have government and regulations because they work for the betterment of the whole. If you want true self-rule go to Somalia