Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Chinese — Not as inscrutable as they think they are

China Zoo’s Lion “Actually Dog”

Even the Chinese have been outraged by a zoo which passed off a dog as a lion, with the ruse only being exposed when a visitor questioned why their “lion” was barking.
The Henan province zoo was found to have been keeping a Tibetan mastiff in a lion cage, labelled as an “African lion.”
The “dog-lion” was outed when a mother took her child to see the animals, and was surprised to hear the lion barking.
The zoo’s explanation was that an employee’s dog temporarily replaced the lion when it was “sent away” to a breeding centre, because of unspecified “safety concerns.”
Once scrutiny was attracted it was also revealed that the zoo housed a white fox which it claimed was a leopard, and another dog which was labelled as a wolf.
This is unfortunately not the first time such concerns have been raised about China quality animals... (Go HERE for pictures of them all!)

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  1. Monty Python - Pet Conversions

    Man: (John Cleese) Good morning, I'd like to buy a cat.

    Shopkeeper: (Michael Palin) Certainly sir. I've got a lovely terrier. [indicates a box on the counter]

    Man: No, I want a cat really.

    Shopkeeper: [taking box off counter and then putting it back on counter as if it is a different box] Oh yeah, how about that?

    Man: [looking in box] No, that's the terrier.

    Shopkeeper: Well, it's as near as dammit.

    Man: Well what do you mean? I want a cat.

    Shopkeeper: Listen, tell you what. I'll file its legs down a bit, take its snout out, stick a few wires through its cheeks. There you are, a lovely pussy cat.

    Man: Its not a proper cat.

    Shopkeeper: What do you mean?

    Man: Well it wouldn't meow.

    Shopkeeper: Well it would howl a bit.

    Man: No, no, no, no. Er, have you got a parrot?

    Shopkeeper: No, I'm afraid not actually guv, we're fresh out of parrots. I'll tell you what though ... I'll lop its back legs off, make good, strip the fur, stick a couple of wings on and staple on a beak of your own choice. [taking small box and rattling it] No problem. Lovely parrot.

    Man: How long would that take?

    Shopkeeper: Oh, let me see ... er, stripping the fur off, no legs ... [calling] Harry ... can you do a parrot job on this terrier straight away?

    Harry: (Graham Chapman, off-screen) No, I'm still putting a tuck in the Airedale, and then I got the frogs to let out.

    Shopkeeper: Friday?

    Man: No I need it for tomorrow. It's a present.

    Shopkeeper: Oh dear, it's a long job. You see parrot conversion ... Tell you what though, for free, terriers make lovely fish. I mean I could do that for you straight away. Legs off, fins on, stick a little pipe through the back of its neck so it can breathe, bit of gold paint, make good ...

    Man: You'd need a very big tank.

    Shopkeeper: It's a great conversation piece.

    Man: Yes, all right, all right ... but, uh, only if I can watch.