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Neale Osborn's Gun Rant Number 20!

Neale's back for sure now, and loaded for bear and just about anything else.

Rant Volume 20

Pardon my french, but why the fuck is this a surpise? Link. Why wouldn't people finally realise that "Gun Control" is actually a false-flag term for "Victim Disarmament", and needs to be fought any way possible.
"It's sinking in to some folks that 'I need to take responsibility for keeping my family safe,'" one Newtown resident told The Journal.
As this quote shows, not all Newtown parents are as anti-gun as the 19 Newtown parents that Obama keeps using as lobbyists for Victim Disarmament laws. One family has refused to participate as Obama's little poster-parents. So THEY never got a taxpayer-funded trip or two to DC. Now, don't get me wrong—While I do not approve of or support the mindless and unintelligent reaction to the deaths of their children, I hold nothing against them. They are being used by a whoremaster, and not acting on their own. I feel pity for them, and I hope I never experience a loss such as theirs. But if I did, I would not blame the tool. I would blame the society that kept the supposed protectors of my children unarmed. Oh, wait—I home school, and one reason why is exactly this one—so it will never happen.
The latest assault on firearms rights is being led by pediatricians in Florida. Link. Florida has a law that says doctors "should refrain" from prying into gun ownership when examining patients, and provides patients a method of reporting said questions if they feel "harassed or discriminated against" as a result of their answers. This law is currently on a court-ordered hold. Some people report being refused further treatment for their child unless the questions are answered. Others have been told that it is "a Medicaid necessity ... to answer a firearms question.". Others, when they refused to answer, were told to leave the room so the child could answer/inform on their parents in privacy. As is usual, the Brady Campaign leads the charge to violate the 1st, 2nd, and 5th Amendments, and is providing the doctors legal support in keeping the law on hold. From the linked article:
The Brady Campaign is leading the plaintiffs—including the Florida chapters of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians—in the lawsuit, which claims the law violates doctors' First Amendments rights to speak freely with their patients. U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke agreed with the freedom of speech claim and granted an injunction and then overturned the law in 2012.
The doctors groups' justification that they are just providing medical care to parents does not hold water, as the lead plaintiffs in the case are rabidly anti-gun. The American Academy of Pediatrics gives this "advice to parents" on its website: "Do not purchase a gun, especially a handgun. Remove all guns present in the home." It also instructed those who refuse to obey that they should "always keep the gun unloaded and locked up. Lock and store the bullets in a separate place."
I'm lucky. My doctor and I are both CCW holders, and I don't have to worry about MY medical records containing gun info. But if my daughter's pediatrician here in western NY ever asks about guns in the home, my answer will be "Whether there are or not has nothing to do with the heathcare of my family, and you will refrain from asking these questions." And my children are NEVER alone with a doctor. Until such time as one of my children has their own insurance they paid for, and are at least 18 years of age, if I am paying for it their health is MY business.
Aaaah, lovely Colorado. Your freedom-loving citizens are being hounded into serfdom, and terrorized by laws and regulations that violate the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights yet again. Link. A Castle Rock apartment complex is doing it's best to violate the 2nd Amendment rights of it's tenants. It has given them until October 1st to get rid of their guns, move, or be thrown out.
"The best thing this tenant can do is either move out or get rid of the guns," 9NEWS legal analyst Scott Robinson said.
Robinson says, in most cases, courts have supported the rights of landlords to impose "reasonable regulations" on tenants.
"The question is: is an outright ban of firearms reasonable in light of the US Constitution?" Robinson said.
Leave it to a legal analyst for a liberal news outlet to advise capitulation to rights violations (well, when they pertain to firearms—if the rights being violated were press rights, we'd hear a different story). NOTE—from an add-on to the story from after I began this segment:
The Douglas County Housing partnership owns Oakwood Apartments in Castle Rock. It was purchased with federal funds and is supported by local, state, and federal tax dollars.
"These community policy changes were distributed without the knowledge or authorization of the Board of Directors of the Douglas County Housing Partnership or its staff," a Douglas County Housing Partnership release said. "This board does not support any action that infringes on an individual's rights and will not allow Ross Management to implement these changes. The mission of the Douglas County Housing partnership is to preserve and develop safe, secure, quality housing while providing housing choices for those who have few,"
So they CLAIM the regulations were drafted without their permission by the managing company. I'm willing to bet that they supported the regulation, but being government funded, they knew they would wind up in serious legal jeopardy once the ruckus started, and the tenants didn't just roll over, piss on their bellies, and submit to "authority".
How do ya cook one of those puppies? Link. Deer Trail Colorado is in the middle of voting to issue hunting permits....... for unmanned drones. A $25 pemit can net you a $100 bounty for each drone bagged, no limit. Of course the authoritarian snoopers claim the town has no authority to issue said hunting licenses. This is true—NO ONE has the authority to sell you permission to hunt. But paying a bounty for shooting down unConstitutional spying devices is fine in my book.
Permission to shoot a drone may not be the town's to give away. "I don't see where the authority comes from, where a local municipality could empower people to shoot down drones," Calo pointed out. Unlike a deer in a local park, drones are private property and airspace is regulated by the U.S. Federal Aviation Commission rather than local authorities.
Sorry, but drones are NOT private property. If they are, then private citizens spying on other private citizens is already illegal, and thus, we can shoot down the drone. But these drones, supposedly privately owned, are leased by and operated through the auspices of government agencies—sheriff's offices, DEA, FDA, etc, which makes them an arm of the government, which is spying on citizens without a warrant. And thus, shooting them down would be self defense. I understand their claims that the drones have been used for S&R purposes. And when they are, I have no problem with it. But nobody is missing 99% of the time.
A shout out to Reality Check of NewsVine for this story.Link. Kahr Firearms is bidding a fond adieu to Baby Don Andrew Cuomo, Mafia dictator of this once fine state. After the ridiculous (and totally unConstitutional) NY SAFE act was passed, KAHR manufacturing has elected to build their new plant (and send 80-100 jobs and all the tax revenue accompanying the plant) across the Delaware to Pennsylvania. More and more firearms related businesses are leaving states like NY, Conn, and Co after their toadying suck-off of Obama and the Democrats by passing ever-more restrictive (and unConstitutional) laws restricting various types of firearms and magazines. They figure (quite correctly) that if the states want to restrict our rights, they do not deserve to profit from the businesses that service those rights. Voting with your wallet rules!!
That wraps this rant. See ya NEXT week!

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