Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Liberal Wisdom!

Cartoon from BALOO'S WEBSITE

I printed the Earnest Young Liberal's response to my post on the three Black children who murdered the Australian just this morning, but already he has more to say.  In case his initial logic wasn't clear to you, he's expanded his thinking.  And it's [sic] throughout again. He writes:

I never said what they did wasn't wrong. Even if their actions were racially motivated, which you have not proven, they are not part of a widespread policy of hate and violence, as the klan was, and modern white supremacists continue to be. My issue is that everytime a single African American does something wrong you use it to make generalizations about the entire race and call it a war on western culture. That is how white supremacists see the world, that is the type of logic they use to justify muder for horrible offenses like whistling. As for libertarianism, the connection came because the klan lynched innocent African Americans, burned their houses and bombed their churches. They were kept safe because they were the govt, so essentially it was the same as having no govt, they were able to use violence without consequence. Without the federal govt coming in none of them would have ever been convicted. It was the independence of those communities and states that allowed them to sit idle as people were murdered. It is interesting that you see this story and automatically see it as racism, instead of seeing it as a consequence of guns. Instead of seeing these kids, who were not old enough to own a gun but still found a way to obtain one, you see it as a race war.

And then he cleverly added:

This is how I picture you everytime I read one of your articles

Talk about strange coincidences!  Whenever I read one of his deep-thinking responses to one of my posts, I think of a Belushi movie, too.  I picture him, of course as the idealistic young singer:


  1. One of those murdering little shits bragged on twitter about hating white people and attacking them for being white. Yeah, it was a racist attack, no doubt at all. Not all blacks are like that, but some are. One attacked me once. The cop who responded to the call was black too, and a good guy. Not all, but some, are violent racist thugs. And your correspondent is always willing to defend violent racist thugs, because progs wish they had the balls to be thugs too. They wish they could murder more white people in a year than all yhe lynchings in American history combined. But they're eunuchs, so they just passively cheer the thugs on.

  2. Typical. He can't see the glaring contradictions in his own "logic" re: generalizing behavior.

  3. Anymore, liberal wisdom is a oxymoron.

  4. A word on this by Pastor Manning:

  5. Earnest Young LiberalAugust 23, 2013 at 10:07 AM

    Sam: You have to provide a link to your claim or it cannot be substantiated. Again as I have stated over and over, I have not defended them. What I have done is attack the author’s use of the crime as a claim for racial oppression. No I as a Christian I stand for weak, the vulnerable, the oppressed, and even though for years whites have been making the claim that they are being oppressed by minorities, it is not true. The only reason to make such an accusation is to justify acts of violence that are “for the betterment of the white race”. The author has claimed to be a racist, which means that he can only see the world as a racist. That taints everything he says regarding race. Because I am a Christian, I am a pacifist, and hate the use of violence. It doesn’t make me a eunuch to stand against violence. By using the word thug, you are attempting to dehumanize people, essentially that is what you lot did with Martin. You said he was a thug, so it was ok, and in some cases the word good was used to describe his murder. Again not defending the three but in general it allows you to see them as something other than human, allows you to justify holding back empathy and compassion.

    Amy: Fine, then point out where I generalize.

    Quartermain: Answered you in the other post.

    1. Came up with a handle for yourself.

      That's good.

      I think it suits you. You're taking a stand and not doing it from the shadow. I like that.

  6. Here are a couple of "modern white supremacists" who have saying the say thing as us: